If born a girl in today’s world,
extra pressure may be your toil.
Not quite as valued,
somehow less than,
a grim reminder to stay vigilant.

Keep your head, be heedful of those
who will try to demean you
and keep you downtrodden.

Stay in school; be a good girl.
Education is freedom
from many world woes.
And as you grow stronger
and can see what is healing,
spread the word among others like you.
The power is yours to be a strong vortex.

Women carry strength
for nurturing and care
but also for perseverance
against prevailing crosswinds.

The families’ core is a woman’s heart.
Have pride in yourself; take good care.
And if you should falter and ask what’s the use,
just think of me and the millions alike
who carry you close in our collective hearts.

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  1. I’m not a ‘girl power’ kind of guy, but heck…equals? Absolutely! My wife and I are a team, a partnership. I hope I got the message right…and I hope I expressed myself well enough. 🙂


    • You got it perfectly and expressed it very well…thanks. 🙂 I’m for empowering everyone…sometimes girls can get a little trampled on in this world. We just need to be aware of that and adjust ourselves accordingly.


  2. the families core is a womans heart…i would agree with that…and i think we need more strong women…and i like your close how it feels like a sisterhood you know…smiles…


    • Thanks, Brian. I’m sure in the work you’ve done, Brian, you’ve seen a lot of girls getting swallowed up…not to say that boys don’t have struggles too but it’s a different issue with girls. I like that sisterhood feeling too…we have to watch out for each other.


  3. Very Nice! An encouraging, positive message for women, who after all may someday raise sons into men and hopefully teach them how to respect and value them the way a man should. Thought I would weigh in with a male perspective, hope you don’t mind.


    • That’s exactly right…strong women raise our sons into being self-assured and strong themselves and then if they have daughters…well…it gets passed on doesn’t it. So glad you shared your perspective and I don’t mind it a bit. Thanks for sharing some wise words.


      • It was my pleasure! Yes indeed, a positive cycle that only takes one family to start but the ripple effect can be tremendous and spread to so many. I always like to think of large problems in terms of simple solutions that each person can accomplish themselves but that can have a much larger impact! Isn’t that usually how large problems start anyway, at the individual level?!


  4. Women are indeed strong as I have found in my lifetime. It is only my sister and I now as we only have a couple of older aunties we are not close to. We had a big family once but it grew so small in such a short time. A strong write, Gayle, with a message to give to those who would hear it.


  5. So hard to be a woman in the world – on the other hand – I’ve never wished that I’d not been born a woman! Thanks. k.


  6. I feel like saying “here here”…we are strong and yes education is freedom a terrific write and we can change the situation…


  7. strong piece. Really like the third stanza in particular, nice definite tone, with much to reflect upon here. Nicely done. thanks


  8. Wonderful piece to pass on to a daughter or grand daughter ….they need all the guidance we can offer 😉


  9. I have a daughter who I worry about this. I worry that the commercial lies will swallow her: skills, image and all. I try but my voice is small now compared to friends, teachers and more. Alas, easier now than hundreds or even 50 years ago, but the battle won’t end. Good reminder in this poem.


  10. Well said, Gayle!!


  11. Gray Dawster

     /  March 14, 2013

    This is a great posting Gayle and yes women should always be equal, for those that do not believe it then they are only fooling themselves… Have a wicked Thursday and as the weekend beckons I hope that you are planning some excellent treats 🙂 xxx


  12. A great poem ! 🙂


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