Several months ago, I moved from the Orlando area…busy, bustling, heavy-populated to Sebastian where my two daughters live.  It’s small and quiet but still the Florida that I grew up with.  I love the beauty of my home.  Nature abounds in all her glory.

Quiet, it sleeps nestled along the river
that merges with the Atlantic.

Inlets allow entry of myriad
sea life easily spotted by
a walk along the edges.
Waterfront winds for miles;
I never tire of the

drive along the coast.
Pelicans diving into the
shallows, dolphin
slowly undulating through
the waves, their fins
breaking the water
while osprey and
eagle fish for lunch.
Men fish too, seafood
is abundant and fresh,
sometimes plucked
minutes away from
where you may be
enjoying it.
Our house sits in almost
constant sunshine…open
and welcoming, flowers
line the walkway up to
the bright red door.
Doves, Blue Jays,
Cardinals and Red-
Bellied Woodpeckers
are daily visitors to
the bird feeders and
baths situated among
the lush greenery.
On occasion, a fox
has been spied
in our backyard
on an early morning
forage for food
or maybe a mate.

Warm most of the year,
The Sunshine State is
aptly nick-named.
Subtropical, our home
is verdant and flowering
most year ‘round.
We have gators, lots
of gators—almost all
bodies of water have
an alligator in it.
We’re home to manatees,
those gentle, slow-moving
“cows” of the inter-
coastal waterways who
are vying with motor
boats for their lives.

We also are host
to a special
bird found no
where else in our
country, the Florida
Scrub Jay.
It is endangered
because of loss
of habitat.  It is
a stately blue-gray
and has an endearing
quality that I have
never seen in another
bird…they will take
food from your hand.
Wherever you go,
in whatever place
you find them, they
will fly out of the
scrub and eat peanuts
out of your open palm.
Very cool…I hope
they survive.


Pamela Sayers hosts us today at dVerse Poets for sharing the places we live:

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  1. What a restful vacation you just gave me, Gayle. We have both bird and hummingbird feeders here and they are so busy. All varieties of hummers and right now Finches, Sparrows, Tit-Mouses, Doves and Mockingbirds…and a rare hawk who I think is more interested in the birds than the seeds. And such is nature.


    • I envy you those hummers, Victoria…we just don’t seem to see much of them. We do see hawks frequently and many other varieties of shore birds. It’s a birder’s paradise here.


  2. ah i miss it for all those reasons and more…i know where sebastian is….we used to live in valrico…the orlando side of tampa…used to love to go diving down at ft desoto beach…i miss all the lizards…smiles….and the birds…they are different…dont miss the ants…ha


    • I’m surprised that you know where this little place is, Brian…between Melbourne and Vero Beach..tiny. I know of Ft. DeSoto…and yes, we have lots of lizards too…and too many ants!


  3. Nice, Bodhirose, I lived in Florida before moving here to Mexico, and yes there is quite a variety of nature abound. I hope you are enjoying your new home.



    • I’m thinking Mexico’s weather may be similar to Florida’s. Yes, it’s great to be near my daughters again and my new granddaughter. The reason I picked up and moved! Thanks for coming by, Pamela…and enjoyed sharing my home.



  4. Oh your place sounds as lovely as mine, I live in the Sunshine State Australia, and although we may not have all the same birds we do have ospreys, pelicans etc… Just sounds like a mirror image of here. Lovely!


    • I think I may feel at home in Australia, Diane. I’ve always heard about how beautiful your country is….thanks for sharing.


  5. Oh this is full of great imagery…thanks for sharing!


  6. I lived in Miami for 15 years– your piece took me back there immediately. Thanks for trip! ~ Jason


    • I was born in Orlando and lived in Miami for several years after I got married. It’s even more lush and green down there…so you know exactly what we have going on here. Glad you enjoyed the “trip”, Jason.



  7. oh wow…sounds like paradise…except for the gators..ugh… i would love to live close to the ocean…there’s so much beauty and serenity on her shore…really beautiful description of your home…


    • Yeah, those gators are pretty nasty critters and they really are everywhere. You can even see them in golf course ponds. It is very pretty here and it’s a treasure being close to the ocean…I love the nature here. Thank you.


  8. I spent all my childhood years in Kissimmee–though I have lived in GA for a good while now, I still think of FL as home. Wonderful look at the beauty of FL–and I agree, I hope the jays survive.


    • Thank you, Nico…so you are very familiar with Florida and its beauty…also its muggy hot summers. Those I could do without. I really hope the Scrub Jays make it too…they are very special.


  9. While I could never picture myself in Florida, you make it seem so idyllic. I’m glad it is for you, Gayle! 🙂


    • It is very pretty here and I love the nature and wildlife but honestly I could do without the endless, muggy-hot summers. It is a bit much.


  10. beautiful. I’ve never been and this has me aching to experience what you’ve described.


    • I think you would have an enjoyable visit, Jane. Just don’t make plans on coming during our too-hot summers.


  11. I never tire of the beauty and nature of Florida. It’s always incredulous to me that I had never experienced any of these things until I moved here. You have described it beautifully. My love for this little bit of paradie is equal to you, my dear, Gayle.
    Lovely …..


    • I never tire of it either, Izzy and I haven’t seen even a fraction of all there is to see. My experiences with nature seem to be my most treasured. I know you love it as I do. Thanks, Izzy. xoxo


  12. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour … you captured so much, so well, it is easy to picture being there, I’ve only visited Florida once, but your poem was a wonderful refresher … thanks for sharing!


    • I’m glad you could picture the scenery, Purple. I like the natural beauty of Florida…most people who visit go to the abundant theme parks that we offer.


  13. Such a descriptive poem Gayle, you live in such richness of nature… and richness of family.. Loved the photos and my journey with you 🙂


    • Thank you, Sue. There is a richness of nature here…that’s what I most enjoy. And I do have richness of family too. One sister is visiting now for a’s so nice having her here. It’s still snowing where she lives so it’s a nice escape for her to come and enjoy the warmth for awhile. :~)


  14. Sounds like a great place to live, with all that wildlife. Not so keen onthe gators, panthers and pythons though 🙂
    Are there many places where you are allowed to walk on the beaches and by the water?


    • No, I’m not so keen on those animals either. Thank goodness the pythons and boa constrictors are further south from us. I think I would die if I saw one of those gigantic snakes. The bobcats that live here are pretty skittish. I’ve never heard one report of anyone being attacked by one. Yes, there are many, many places here where you can walk (and even drive) on the beaches. It’s heavenly.


  15. 🙂 I felt like I was there sharing all that beauty with you! I’m glad that your new place has some of the same wonderful-ness of the last place. Sounds like you may have a bit of Spring fever – to get out into the sunshine and enjoy the richness of Mother Nature around you. Thanks for allowing us to share it with you!


    • Yes, this place is very similar to where I was except that it’s closer to the ocean and a very large river and inlet. Corina, our winter has been so warm and sunny that it’s been more like a long springtime here. We’ve had a few dips in our temps but it always warms back up very quickly. Glad you came by to share it with. 🙂


  16. What a wonderful picture you paint Gayle, the canvas is endless with flourishing colours and tastes 🙂 Indeed optimism has a flavour all of its own and yours certainly fits this description 🙂 Have a wonderful day today 🙂 xxx


    • If you get a chance to come, I think you would enjoy it, Geoff. Not during our hot summer though! Thanks for coming by…enjoy your weekend! 🙂 xoxo


  17. A visit in a post. Enchanting …


  18. Oh wow that sounds heavenly! I miss visiting the beach, growing up in NC it was a typical summer vacation but now that I am in Sweden I haven’t been in years. I have visited the Baltic Sea but the water is like ice! Last year I bought a swim suit I never even had the chance to wear it because it never got warm enough for me to swim outdoors. The summers here are lovely no mistake but I am find it too cold at 70 degrees for swimming, though it is lovely for picnics and playing outside.


  19. The Baltic Sea…sounds so fascinating and living in Sweden too from starting out in NC. You’ll have to find an indoor swimming pool to get some use out of that suit. In the shallow waters of the gulf on Florida’s west coast the water can almost become too warm during the hottest part of the year. I consider it cold when the thermometer goes below 70!

    Sorry my photos disappeared! 😦


    • I think so too, it was very cool to see and I would not mind visiting again but I would need a scuba suit it I want to swim haha I know of a good indoor pool that I would like to take my daughter too but my husband hates/fears water and I have Epilepsy so I kind of like to have someone nearby (absolutely if I have my daughter) because I have seized in the water before. I remember in the summer when pools would get so hot and the beach water would feel like bath water, here we don’t even need AC. I noticed you have a Blog Roll can I ask how you achieved this masterpiece of tech savvy? I just cannot figure out how to do it. Use small words and talk slowly



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