A Lightness of Being

to witness your pain
and to take it in
where it stirs my heart
and compassion reigns
connects our humanity
eloquent and deep
we meet in the middle
and clasp our hands

tears fall freely
without feeling vulnerable
knowing we’re loved
with no hesitation
reaching around
our embrace enfolds
and healing begins
from the warmth
of our emotions

there is no weakness sensed
I will hear what you grieve
held in a space of safety
where love always lives
I will be there for you
as you are for me
our pain will diminish
as the two of us reveal
let me shore you up
through life’s sufferings
bring you ease, a smile
and a lightness of being

I wrote this poem minutes after watching the movie “Evelyn” about a family who loses a member to suicide. They don’t speak of it for 14 years until this documentary which begins their healing. https://www.evelynmovie.com/

Joining dVerse Poets tonight with Lill as our host for Open Link Night: https://dversepoets.com/2019/09/19/ever-been-close-to-a-whale/


Once consumed by love’s façade,
I spiraled low and hit the ground.

Was here before when love was new
but this time loyalty took too much.

It whittled me into a contorted shape,
barely recognizable with a severed heart.

What I thought was true, found was a ruse
…used against, not for benefit.

Oh foolish girl, you believed again
in someone else instead of you.

What pushed aside and hid so deep
your own well being and sense of meaning?

It wasn’t strengthened to take forefront,
not yet developed to ward off peril.

It’s okay, I’m here and stronger, we’ll heal
the wounds that love did hazard.

I’ll comfort you and shore you up,
hold you close and tell your worth.

We won’t allow another time
that undermines our soul to shine.


Mary invites us to be inspired by Leonard Cohen, his poetry and music over at dVerse Poets today.  I always get goosebumps everytime I hear his song “Hallelujah”…so his words helped create mine.  http://dversepoets.com/2013/02/16/poetics-leonard-cohen-and-place/

Loving Kindness–A Ghazal

O open-hearted Kindness, reigning peace
Your model of piousness brings me peace
Sacred sweetness emanates, giving freely
Like honey-amber richness, flowing peace
What path may bring you near, I do not mind
Searching, my alertness finds your peace
Your grace shines forth in joyful, loving glory
Mending my brokenness through your peace
Elevated calm permeates my soul
When bathed in happiness by your peace
I beseech thee, O My Beloved Loving One
Surround me in completeness to know peace
May it always be thus between us two
A connectedness, entwining the Rose to peace

Check out tonight’s guidance by Samuel over at dVerse Poets to learn the art of the Ghazal form at our Form-For-All:  http://dversepoets.com/2013/01/31/formforall-ghazal-sonnet/

Broken In Two

Long ago relationship broken in two

Years of believing–I thought that I knew

Some days time heals no wounds

Intimate heart open to you

Worrisome thoughts about you ensued

Long ago relationship broken in two

Cherished feelings turned into blue

Unfeeling selfishness took over too

Some days time heals no wounds

Stunned disbelief was my cue

Still you wanted me–I couldn’t construe

Long ago relationship broken in two

Ghostly feelings of being rendered askew

Midnight’s deep haunting that I stare into

Some days time heals no wounds

Many years later, no longer in view

You have no more power; I’ve bid you adieu

Long ago relationship broken in two

Some days time heals no wounds

My entry for Monday’s Poetry Potluck:  Void, Loneliness and Sorrow   http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/2011/06/poetry-potluck-void-loneliness-and.html

Rumi’s Healing

Mikao Usui 臼井甕男 (1865 – 1926)

Image via Wikipedia

My friend, Kumari Mullin, is a Reiki Master (pronounced ray-kee).  Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui in 1922.  He was a Japanese Buddhist.  It is a healing modality that uses energy to correct deficiencies in patients.  I’m not going to go into all the details of this practice but I have seen the miraculous healings that have been achieved through Kumari’s work.

Kumari is also an animal communicator and has the ability to intuit an animal’s distress or needs and bring about their healing or well being.  I witnessed this healing with my adult daughter’s cat that had become seriously ill when he was between one and two years of age. 

My daughter, Mahan, and I lived together for several years and I saw firsthand the suffering by her cat, Rumi, and she both.  His first symptoms showed up as severe vomiting episodes and lethargy.  Then he started having seizures which would leave him dazed and refusing to eat.  Many trips to the vet and many thousands of dollars spent on tests, blood transfusions, etc. never gave us a definitive explanation as to what was causing his trouble.  Many times Mahan and I would prepare ourselves to let him go but somehow, miraculously, he would pull through and be seemingly well until the next incident.  He was put on a steroid which helped stabilize him but it never stopped his periods of decline.

During the time of his extreme illness, my daughter and I would feel tremendous stress and worry over Rumi’s wellbeing.  He was so sick and it tore at our hearts to see him going through so much but then he would bounce back and seemingly come back to health.

Mahan knew of Kumari’s work and so decided to give Reiki a try.  Kumari was able to work long distance over the phone so they set up a time for a session.  Mahan and I were very hopeful that Kumari would be able to pinpoint the trouble and get to the root of the problem that Rumi was experiencing.

When Mahan spoke to Kumari, she was intrigued by the messages that Kumari was conveying from Rumi.  Kumari told her that Rumi was very affected by Mahan’s reaction to his illness and that her fear was only hurting the both of them.  She needed to detach herself from the experience and not project that something dire was going to happen.  Rumi was accepting of his illness and appreciated all that was done on his behalf.  Kumari said Rumi was not ready to go.  She also found some physical blockages which she “moved” through Reiki to assist with his “life force energy”.

After Mahan had several more sessions over the phone with Kumari, Rumi has been overall stable except for the occasional mild seizure and some minor “down time”.  He is a very sleek and healthy cat who is very social and loving.  He’s been a wonderful companion to Mahan and we are very grateful to Kumari for the healing she facilitated.

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