Decades before the gathering
of our peoples onto reservations,
Grandfather knew of what was to come.
There seemed to be an urgency in
his voice as we sat together to
listen ever closer to the myths
and legends of our people who
settled these parts. We paid heed
to our tribe’s elder with rapt
attention. He reminded us of
Breath-Maker who is our creator
and told of his home, and our
afterlife, in the Milky Way.
He told us of Little Giver
who gifts us with corn which
is crucial to our livelihood
and how we should
always express our gratitude.
Too we are always taught to
give thanks to the animals who
sacrifice their lives for us.
And we make sure that we use as
much of their bodies as we can
so nothing is wasted or disregarded.
All creatures, all those who fly,
slither, hop, grunt, squeak or
peep are a revered part of our lives.
Our lives intertwine with all beings.
For thousands of years we native
people lived in peace and harmony with
the land, waters and animals. Our
legends speak of respect for nature.
The Seminoles believe that if the
earth declines and dies so will we.
We’re working hard to help our
Mother thrive and regain her health.
We knew well before the white man
how to leave a small footprint upon this earth.

Our guest host Stacy invites us to write on Folk Tales over at dVerse Poets.  Please join us!

Flowing Downstream

Photo:  Mary Kling

Photo: Mary Kling

It’s hard to believe that I came from such an abusive and chaotic life just a few short miles on the other side of this river.

Life with drug abusing parents who both ended up in prison was no picnic.  And then to have been put in foster homes and separated from my little sister was like moving from one desperate situation to another.  Foster parents can be unfeeling and insensitive to what children come from.  Most are in it for the money that the state gives them, not from a place of compassion.

Somehow I ended up making it through high school and continuing my education to become a successful businessman in the city.  I even managed to reunite with my sister and help her get an education too.  I have much to be thankful for and I don’t take any of it for granted.  This river keeps flowing downstream…and so do I.

a twig floats downstream
nothing impedes its journey
river buoys all

Mary Kling has shared three photographs of hers to inspire our fourth Monday Haibun challenge.  I chose a contemplative man on the bank of the Mississippi River in Dubuque, Iowa.  Please join us.  The link will be up for an entire week over at dVerse Poets beginning at 3PM EST December 7, 2015:

Without You

Without you,
I wouldn’t be
where I am today,
without you.

Brian encourages us to write a poem in under 40 words. Mine is 11 words.

Small Stone # 24

Went to Orlando today
to see Mom and a sister.
We had lunch and then
Mom and I went
shopping.  She ended
up having to wait in
a chair while I
scouted around
getting the things
she wanted.
Her back and sciatica
kicked up and she
couldn’t shop.
I was glad I could
help her…it was a good day.

Mindful Writing Challenge Day 24 for Writing Our Way Home:

Small Stone # 13

Baby girl # 2
was born today.
I reflect on her
home birth those
many years ago.
A special day,
an incredible girl.
Filled with
gratitude for
the beauty that
is Mahan Lakshmi.

Small Stone Day 13 for the Mindful Writing Challenge at Writing Our Way Home:

Gratitude Lantern; An Acrostic

On Thanksgiving this year, after dinner with my family, I joined my niece at her home for dessert. As night came, some guests gathered in her backyard and had an impromptu drumming session around a glowing fire.  Later, she offered the opportunity for us to write what we were thankful for on a “gratitude lantern”.  She would then light the paper lamp and send it into the sky along with our gratitude. I wrote one word…Mira.  Ours was just the one lantern, but I found photos of when thousands were lit and set sailing.  My niece also did a similar thing to celebrate the last New Year.

Google Images:  Paper lanterns lighting up the sky

Giving thanks this year, but especially for you;
Relatives and friends join together
All bringing good will and love for each other.
Today was different than so many others,
It included you, an addition to our world.
Tiny, but here, with full-fledged awareness
Urging us listen as you learn to utter.
Delighted, we focus, hanging on each coo.
Engaged, connected, our spirits merging.
Let us share and pen our thanks,
Annointing our hearts with gratitude.
Night arrives, the day is done,
Tablas beat an ancient tune.
Emitting a glow as it ascends,
Reminding us of what is dear,
New grace as our light lifts to the sky.

Unexpected Discovery

Photo of Taos Pueblo:  Google Images

but I did go and after my ego
stopped resisting, I actually
started enjoying myself

archery, swimming, movies,
working as a team through
an obstacle course, learning
to shoot targets out in the desert,
staring down my fear as I shook,
and overcame, feeling inspired

climbing my way up to an ancient
pueblo, Native Americans made
their homes here and now I’m
at a festival celebrating who
they once were.  My spirit
swelled with emotions for
these few left who proudly
shared their chants, dances, lives
drumbeats measuring time gone by

my heart softened
and I grew

seva, an important
part of my life now,
I served and did my share
with renewed love and gratitude

a routine outing turns
potentially deadly as
the brakes go out on
the vehicle we’ve taken
for an afternoon’s picnic,
gathering speed, out of
control, careening down
the before-traveled quiet,
winding, mountain road,
we’re jostled and thrown
out of our seats, we clutch
hands and pray and PRAY

we come to a stop
landing upside down
skidding off the side of the road

but we made it, no one seriously
injured, we marvel at our safety and
whisper our thanks, shaking our heads

my strength, I found my STRENGTH
unexpected discovery

Karin Gustafson (ManicDdaily) hosts dVerse Poets today encouraging us to write on things ‘unexpected’:

Giving and Receiving

There was a time,
in those early days, 
when I couldn’t sit
close enough to you.
I would press myself
against you tight and
still I felt too far away.

I stared up at your
profile and admired
the perfect view of
your face and mused
on what you may
be thinking.

We talked and laughed,
shared and listened.

I met you at one of
my lowest points.
But I was on a
quest for finding
myself again and
was making small
steps toward my

As I set forth
the intention to
find my strength,
people showed
up to offer theirs.

You were one
who fell in place
to help me up.
You took the hand
that was reaching
out and you
generously gave–
and you still do.

An entry today for Imaginary Garden With Real Toads  and dVerse Poets Open Link Night


During the holidays, I was graciously gifted with several awards but didn’t have the time to properly accept them.  I know there are rules to follow but I’m going to take after my talented blogger friend, Lorna, from Lorna’s Voice and make up my own guidelines to accepting.

I have been fortunate to be given The Liebster Blog Award and The Versatile Blogger Award a few times each and am very appreciative to have been acknowledged by my friends.  But this is the first time for The Kreativ Blogger Award which has just been bestowed on me by Lorna and a new blogger to me, Halfway Between the Gutter and the Sky.  Thank you both very much.

Lorna’s Voice is a blog I have been following almost since its inception.  Its appeal to me is the honesty and humor in which Lorna has shared her life story.  A life with many challenges to which her grace and wit has served her mightily…not to mention her Buddhist principles.

Halfway Between the Gutter is a new blogger to me but one of which I have seen great courage as she shares her real-life experiences with multiple physical and emotional challenges.  I admire her for her strength…she has more than she knows!  Thanks to you for the Liebster Blog award as well.

I also have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by Storm Rider, a new blogger acquaintance.  Thank you, Storm Rider, I am immensely honored.

Stop the presses!  I can’t forget that California Ink in Motion also nominated me generously for the Liebster Blog Award.  Many thanks for your kind thoughtfulness.

Because I have made many nominations before to multiple bloggers, I am going to forego that requirement as well and hope that my sincere heartfelt thanks will be sufficient.

And because people really love to read facts about others, I’m going to try and come up with 10 interesting things about myself:

1.  In elementary school, I was always the tiniest one in the class.

2.  I love avocados.

3.  I played on a golf league for a few years and ended up winning $800.00 in a raffle!

4.  Before I got fibromyalgia, I was very flexible and was a natural at yoga.

5.  I love to collect shells.

6.  I enjoy the smallest most mundane things about nature…tiny weed flowers, lizards, insects, snakes, sticks, rocks…

7.  I’ve been a vegetarian since I was a teenager, well over half my life…I’m really old now.

8.  I lived in a commune for many years.

9.  When I was born, my feet turned in and I had to wear a brace between them.  I didn’t like it.

10.  I also love mangoes!

Thank you, Bluebell Books

Gracious thanks for this acknowledgement!


Poetry Potluck Week 30 Award

The Jingle Community Award.jpgAlways grateful for being a part of this wonderful group.  Thank you to everyone for your support and your kind generosity.

Creative Blog Award

Many thanks and much gratitude to my friend Fiveloaf (Kris) for sharing this award with me after having it bestowed on him by Jingle.

Prayers for The World 2011

May all beings feel loved.

May all beings be peaceful and live in equanimity.

May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

May all beings be free from hate and fear.

May all beings know their power and use it for good.

May all beings show compassion and loving kindness for their fellow man and creatures of the earth.


Prayers and gratitude to all bodhisattvas who sacrifice for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Prayers and gratitude to all saints and sages everywhere who endeavor to uplift our lives.

Prayers and gratitude to Mother Earth to be able to retain your health and wellbeing and to know the love and appreciation for how you sustain us.

Let us live happily and be thankful.

Gratitude Goes On

Today is Friday

Thanksgiving has come and gone

Gratitude goes on…

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