Here, Now, There is Peace

All is quiet here on this street.
The birds are coming and going
from the several birdfeeders
in the yard. They are not alarmed.
Their differences in feather
coloration do not cause discord.
They all take turns feeding and
bathing in the birdbath.

Our neighbors are on friendly terms.
I hear no loud shouts.
It’s an undisturbed Saturday afternoon.
I offer a friendly wave to our next-door
neighbor as I get into my car.
A group of children are playing ball
down the way…laughter carries on the wind.

The sky is composed.
It is blue but filled with
billowing clouds without
darkness or strife.

The trees stand untroubled
in silent repose harboring
multitude of species that
look to them for sanctuary.
They welcome all.

My granddaughters feel safe
and secure as they play
in their room. They know
they are loved and protected.
They feel at ease.

Our household is tranquil.
We live in harmony.
Stillness surrounds us.
Quietude permeates our life.

Here…now…there is peace.

Sharing this at Jamie Dede’s The Bezine’s Virtual 100TPC for Peace, Sustainability and Social Justice

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  1. This is absolutely perfect: the pointing to some of the reason why here and now there is peace, the awareness of peace, and the implied gratitude. Lovely! Thank you for participating in 100TPC, Gayle. xo


  2. So pretty and I think we need this right now


  3. Beautiful poem in every way. I feel every emotion shared and feel the peace in this space. Hope you are well. xoxo


    • Thank you, Renee. I’m always glad when my readers can feel the emotions I’m trying to convey. My recuperation has gone very well and I’m very grateful for that. Hope you’re doing well too. xo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a beautiful poem, life in a peaceful home, and neighbourhood, under friendly skies………we have so much to be thankful for. Beautiful, Gayle.


  5. Hi Gayle,
    There’s a gentle calm to your poem. These few words ‘The trees stand untroubled
    in silent repose’ exhibit that calm perfectly. Lovely submission for the 100,000 Poets.
    I gave it a whirl. I thought you might like to finally see a poem by me. : )
    Izzy 😎


  6. A lovely write my dear friend xx


    • Thank you, Andro. It was my response to the overwhelming news that the world no longer has any peace in it. Well, it does too…the media wants to paint another picture though.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The media of our world just love to stir the pot madly and throw chaos into the mix, luckily with all the fake news out there it is most often very easy to spot the ridiculousness they dish out on a daily basis. Shame on them for making this world a much more uncertain place in which to frequent. Hey but at least we can spot the fakers, which is a bonus for sure 🙂

        Andro xxx


        • Yes, they do and I agree, shame on them! Way too much ridiculousness is being dished out and mostly I steer clear of listening to the BS or watching any of it. It does me no good.



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