Tapping Into The Source

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Yogi-posture, ramrod straight,
legs crossed in yin-yang shape.
Hands held gently at rest on the knees,
while fingers posed in mudras
help to focus energies.
Eyes closed softly,
attention on the breath,
allowing it freely to tap into the Source.
Follow the breath,
it will show you the way,
the truth lies within you
beyond this illusory play.

Sharing this poem that I wrote shortly after beginning my blog (it’s a repeat).  Join me as I host Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets.  The doors to the pub open at 3PM Thursday.  Share any ONE poem of your choosing.




Photo:  Bing Images; Public Domain

My meditation takes me deep.
I sense myself leaving my
earthbound body behind.
The causal body separates
and melts into the
universe splintering
into each pulsing particle
that makes up infinity.
I become bright light
and the spinning vortex
of Source welcomes
me home.

Join us over at dVerse where Grace invites us to write a Quadrille using the word “melt.”


When passing a stranger in the street or watching those parade by you at the mall, with your deepest faith in all things good, project to them with heartfelt kindness and deliberation:  I wish you well.  I wish you peace.  I wish your soul’s most deep quietude and knowing.  May you be blessed.  May you feel love.  May you feel the compassion of the universe serving you in the utmost capacity.  May you feel happiness and joy.  May you remain at peace in the face of life’s challenges.

These blessings will go forth and touch all who receive them, and as an added bonus, these blessings will foster these very things within you.

This is a powerful meditative practice that simply asks that you wish goodwill toward others.  Watch as it brings wellbeing into your own life.

The Way of Tea

Soft flute melodies
enchant the room;
with measured grace
the tea ceremony begins.
Utensils handled with
distinct purpose, each
movement meaningful.
Meditation in action,
significance and detail
in its formal conveyance.
Each gesture choreographed
as if a ballet of the hands.
The ritual incorporates the
outer and the inner states.
It then becomes not so much
about drinking tea but
giving attention fully
to the art—from the heart
and blending the two.

Ikebana-The Way of Flowers

Photo of Ikebana:  Wikepedia


shallow bowl or tall vase
intuition guides

meditative silence seals the elements

ornamental placement
of triangular formulation
symbolizes sun, moon, earth
perfect alignment
creates balance

Fred hosts tonight at dVerse with ideas on short verse–check it out:  http://dversepoets.com/2013/03/02/poetics-an-evening-of-short-verse/

Rest in natural great peace…


Words spoken by Sogyal Rinpoche inspired by a poem by Nyoshul Ken Rinpoche set to music written and performed by Richard Page.  Uploaded by 66greybeard.

Photo:  Sogyal Rinpoche, Google Images

Sharing this inspirational video with Occupy Blogosphere at Souldippers blog: http://souldipper.wordpress.com/


Photo by Gayle Rose

Sunflower in my garden; photo by Gayle Rose

emerging calm
took a stand
reigned and
I felt good

within and
feeling sure
life was
me along

though one
thing dark
was lurking
still and
causing grief
and a cracking
yet I knew
I could not
change, I
let it go
to take
its time

writing latent
no interest
yet, but a
book picked
up, laid
a spark

went on
like never
and places
up north

time of
and becoming
solid, vipassana
was my
morning daily,
content with
life, work
was good,
I took care
of me and
I loved you

dVerse Poetics offers 1999:  http://dversepoets.com/2012/03/10/poetics-1999/

I Align Within

Quiet stillness, I align within, manifesting calm descends;
O awareness rising slowly, inscrutable love now ascends.
This mountain glade does inspire,
Lifting my soul ever higher.
     Nature’s essence, a soothing transcend. 

Find your core, your soul’s content,
Through intervals of malcontent,
A state of lenity you can acquire;
     Quiet stillness, I align within. 

Take gentle grasp of ego’s lament
Stare it down ’til its hold relents.
So little work it does require,
To gain some peace from self’s desire,
Watch it dissolve by your intent.
     Quiet stillness, I align within.

Photo by Ella Wilson entitled:  Soul’s Whisper


My entry for Poet’s United Thursday Think Tank # 76-Soul’s Whisper:  http://poetryblogroll.blogspot.com/2011/12/think-tank-thursday.html

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan bowl of bronze
multi harmonic frequencies
generate balance,
relaxation and healing. 

Listen with your soul
as the reverberation
takes you on a journey
through timelessness. 

Change your awareness
through sound and the
waves of sacred tones
of the ancient singing bowl.


LISTENING: An Acrostic

Julian Treasure on Ted.com on listening:


Laudable is he who can listen with full attention.

Intrinsic is the need to connect with one another;

Sit in considerate silence when each other speaks.

Take the time to pay heed to surrounding sounds,

Engaging in active concentration and awareness while

Nurturing yourself in practicing absorbed interest.

Indulge in the meditation of the resonance that IS,

Nourishing mindfulness that supports your being and

Garners conscious discernment along the way.

A Warren of Turns

Walking within the stony labyrinth

Mindful meditating noting my way

Ancient granite soothes my sense

Beneath my feet, smooth cool allays

Conscious observation, maintains my pray

Perceiving sensations in myriad hues

Calmness encircles as if in a pew


Continuing on, my mind is at rest

Heedful the surroundings, I’m feeling alert

My being is peaceful, sound and blest

Nothing disturbs, agitates or hurts

Natural concentration brings support

Relaxation as I pace, letting go all that spurns

This maze of old, a warren of turns


Entry for FormForAll–Rhyme Royal:  dVerse


Stay Awhile

flower 3265

Image by s.alt via Flickr

Quietly sitting down to prayer

I turn within away from the glare

Turn off the sounds

Turn off the sights

Feel my peaceful center inside

Stay awhile, merging with God

My entry for Sunday’s 160:  http://petzoldspracticalprose.blogspot.com/


In the quiet of the evening

When all is still tranquility

I breathe in deep and sense my essence

Pure, everlasting acquiescence


The gentle silence of the night

Soothes me into peaceful harmony

No thoughts invade to bring discord

Turned within, I find serenity


Sitting motionless, relaxed and steady

I feel composed and undisturbed

The whole of the cosmos supports my state

I’m in alignment; a smile escapes


Joy transcends all here below

Energy tickles its way upward

Merging powers serve to greet me

My Oneness revealed; I’m blessed completely

Entry for Thursday’s Poet Rally 42:  http://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.blogspot.com/

My Solitude

Lamentation of the solitude

Image by ` TheDreamSky 꿈꾸는 하늘 via Flickr



Meditation’s calm

Gentle silence reigns within

Solitude brings peace







Day Fifteen of Haiku Challenge:http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/

Celebrate Your Self

Celebrate your Self honoring

every moment of your breath.

Breathing in deeply, take stock of within.

Breathing out slowly, what do you feel?

Is something joyful tickling your heart or are

you struggling with a painful twinge in your arm?

Just take notice as these sensations arise

and then let them go gently, leaving judgment behind.

Your life is a meditation, it’s not formal at all;

mindfulness can be practiced at any time you resolve.

So simple this practice but not so easy to do;

the insight of your life–an investigational tool.

Place your mind upon only what is presently now,

as awareness increases, your ease will abound.

Just ask yourself this, “Am I paying attention?”, as you

watch your life unfold in minute, consecutive celebrations.


Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice sunset_S02049

Image by Ennor via Flickr

The winter solstice

arrives bringing shortened days–

time for reflection.


Yogi-posture, ramrod straight,

legs crossed in yin-yang shape.

Hands held gently at rest on the knees,

while fingers posed in mudras

help to focus energies.

Eyes closed softly,

attention on the breath,

allowing it freely to tap into the source.

Follow the breath,

it will show you the way,

the truth lies within you

beyond this illusory play.

Safety Precautions

When I lived in Boston, during my ashram days in the 70s, I started carrying a police whistle and a small billy club with me.  While walking alone from my house to the main ashram (which was about two blocks away and around the corner) for our morning yoga and meditation sadhana, I had had a frightening experience.

It was very early, before dawn, and the streetlights were still lit.  There had been several inches of snowfall recently which the snowplows had piled neatly on either side of the road.  Apparently, everyone else from my house had already walked over, so I was on my own that morning.  So I’m walking along in the cleared street and ahead of me to my left, lying in a snow bank, I see a figure–this figure is a man–this figure has his pants down around his ankles, this figure is naked!!!.  As I approached him, (now at a much quickened pace) he spotted me and began getting to his feet and muttered something unintelligible; I started running and as I passed him, he staggered toward me (very slowly) and as I continued to run, all the while looking over my left shoulder to keep an eye on him, he stood in the middle of the road and just stared after me as I disappeared around the corner.  Whew!

I never did have to blow my whistle or bop anyone with my club but I did feel safer having them with me just in case.

The Lovelorn Peacock


Image by Henry McLin via Flickr

     In the summer of 1971, I moved from my hometown of Orlando down to Miami to help start an ashram there.  A friend and I were part of an organization that taught yoga, meditation, vegetarian diet and a lifestyle of disciplined, spiritual practice.  He had been dispatched from the main center in Orlando, some months prior, to start yoga classes down south and had showed up at my door one day to ask if I would move there and help him.  I thought to myself, sure, why not, it would be an adventure.

     He had rented a small house in Coconut Grove on shady, coconut tree-lined Kumquat Street and I took up residence in one of the tiny bedrooms when I arrived.  Right down the street was another communal compound of people making a home together in a large, two story house.

      It was a cool time to live in Miami.  There were neat little “head” shops, and many “hippie” type stores that sold candles, incense, clothing, books, etc. and some great health food stores and even restaurants that were completely vegetarian.  It was all new to me but I was in my element!

      Before long we had gatherings of like-minded people coming nightly for our yoga classes and life was humming along.

      Part of the charming quaintness of Coconut Grove was the community of peacocks that freely roamed the neighborhood streets.  You could hear their ear-piercing calls from blocks away but I never tired of spotting them walking down the road, perched in a tree, or up on someone’s roof.

      One male peacock in particular started frequenting the small, enclosed courtyard in front of our house.  Soon he started showing an unhealthy interest in me.  Whenever I would arrive or depart the house, and if he happened to be outside, he would approach me with his feathers spectacularly displayed and “shake” them at me.  This bird was courting me!  With his feathers held straight up, he was just about as tall as I was.  Whatever direction I took, he would get face-to-face with me and “shimmy”.  I became a bit intimidated by this…yikes!  He was extremely insistent, and I took to running past him to get in or out of the house.

      But after some time, I believe he finally realized that his love for me would remain unrequited and he moved on elsewhere to find a more suitable partner.

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