the pleasant aroma wafts

about the room

filling it by the ancient ritual

similar to smudging to purify

cleanse and uplift my surroundings

the tiny plume of smoke arising

from the incense stick

connects me to heaven








Mish is our host at dVerse for our Quadrille prompt. Join us for the fun!

Silver Lining

open mind to those who are suffering
heart too opens with compassion
don’t despair, we will prevail
we’ll be changed for the better
because we’ve learned and grown
through the trials put before us
we’ve drawn closer
boundaries are dissolving
in spite of distancing

Today De is our host for the Quadrille, one of the more popular prompts. Head over to dVerse to check out her presentation and give it a try. It’s fun!

What Was That You Said?

I can’t remember any of them.
All the words of manipulation
and exaggeration
that you used to try and inflate
your already over-sized ego
are dead and gone the way
of the Dodo. They’re dust,
extinct, no amount of
resuscitation could bring them back.

Linda Lee Lyberg is hosting the Quadrille prompt over at dVerse Poets today. Join us if you can!


Even though they had been
divorced for over 20 years
she harbored intense
resentment towards him.

She spoke of their relationship
as if they had parted ways
just last week.
She didn’t realize
that her hatred
was eating herself
inside out…by those seething ulcers.

Photo from Google Images

Join us at dVerse where Lillian gives us our prompt for today’s Quadrille.

Life Force

We are vibration.
Our lives are a continuous
series of sparks that ignite
our life force and maintain
our beating hearts and breath.
Do we arrive with a finite number
of inhalations and exhalations
that we fulfill before we flicker
out into complete nothingness?

Join us at dVerse Poets as we celebrate our 6th year anniversary and our Quadrille prompt given by Grace.


She applied pale and
colors in her paintings.
Sometimes they were
almost imperceptible,
and just shadows or echoes
of her subject. It had both
a ghostly and melancholy
effect. Her artistry spoke
in hints and shades of
times that have now been lost.

Join us at dVerse as De presents Quadrille Monday.  Come have some fun with one of our most popular forms.

Mundane Morning

We heard a loud shooshing
sound from our second floor
apartment. We ran to the
back sliding glass door just
in time to see a hot air balloon
just barely skimming the roof!
Wasn’t expecting to see that on
this no-longer, uneventful
mundane morning.

Join us at dVerse Poets Pub as De presents our Monday Quadrille prompt.  The pub opens at 3PM Monday EST.


As if on cue,
in the same
whirlwind in which
he had arrived,
he departed.
I was the target
of his need for
The opening of
emotions and
shared laughs
were deep.
how quickly
your heart acts
to secure you
to another.

De is our host at dVerse for our Quadrille prompt.  Read her presentation for all the details.

Wild Flowers

sizzling word play
zings back and forth
playful, sexy sparks
combust our hearts
and ignites our blood
wild flowers calm
but not our ardor
a breeze gently
ruffles the petals
I accept your offered
arm and pledge steady,
soul-melding hugs
that sustain us both

The Quadrille is our prompt today and is presented by De at dVerse Poets Pub.  See her presentation for all the details and join us for one of our most favorite prompts!

There’s a Silver Lining Here Somewhere

Picture from Bing Photos Public Domain; Quote by Don Marquis

Picture from Bing Photos Public Domain; Quote by Don Marquis

I feel cut loose
when things get
uncomfortable or
maybe I get too
close. My happy
mood is now
by wondering
I stand. Cryptic
messages cloud
the joy I once felt.

I used to turn the
blame to myself
so readily…no more.

Join us at dVerse Poets where Kim Russell presents our Quadrille Monday for us.  Head over there to learn the details; the doors open at 3PM EST.

The Visitation

Photo Bing Images; Thick Fog

Photo Bing Images; Thick Fog

Darkness envelops
as if a deep fog has
settled in a valley,
taking my light
draining my mood.
Anxiety rushes in
to make things
a little more
How long this time
will the Shadow lurk
and hold me fast
with her gripping claws?

De is our host at dVerse Poet’s Pub for our Monday Quadrille prompt.  Head on over there for all the details!

Demanding Cursor

That cursor blinking,
blinking, blinking,
a demand to write
something. It’s up to me
to appease this beast.

I think it’s patient
though, it will
keep blinking
if I let it.

Remembering a time
when my mind opened fully,
my stories wrote themselves.

Victoria is our host at dVerse for our Quadrille prompt today.  Head over there to read her presentation for all the details!

A Day Like No Other

It was a day like no other
because it had never been
before. There had never
been a sky like this.
There were less leaves
on the gnarled oak.

Slowly the days dim
and grow shorter and
as summer fades, an
imperceptible hint
of fall teases in a breeze.

De is our host for Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets.  Won’t you join us in writing a 44 word poem?  See De’s presentation for the details of this fun challenge!

The Portal

Photo of pink depression era glass jar:  Bing Photos

Photo of pink depression era glass jar: Bing Photos

It came to me in
repeated dreams:
Keep them in a
contained portal
and when you
are in need
open it and
let them be
My wishes,
hopes and
are held within
a pink, tinted jar,
ready and waiting
for happy beginnings.

Bjorn is back from his hiatus and hosts our Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets…please join us!

Still Hope

Gayle Walters 1st grade photo

Gayle Walters 1st grade photo

Only six years old,
there’s still hope
in those pure eyes.
The smile is genuine,
accessorized by dimples.
There’s a semblance
of safety that’s still
being met. Fear and
panic has yet to set a
pathway through
my neurons. Only six,
there’s still hope.

Lillian is our host for our Quadrille prompt over at dVerse Poets.  Come join the fun with one of most popular prompts, to write a poem in 44 words.

Intersecting Lives

Two women’s
lives intersect as
their life journey
connects them online
through their writing.
I admire her quilting,
her husband’s
talent with embroidery
and posted photos of
her surrounding
When I learn that
she has unexpectedly
passed away, my
heart misses a beat.

Join us at dVerse Poets as Grace presents an interview with one of our beloved co-founders, Brian Miller, for our 5th anniversary celebration this week.  We are also writing a Quadrille today…click on the link for details.

Wild Roses

The trellis is filled
with abundant, rainbow
hued blossoms of
pale sun, pinks like
baby cheeks and just
a light caress of
lilacs. Summer’s
bountiful rains
bring twining,
wild roses.
They thrive
weaving in and out,
and support each other,
climbing the arbor untamed.

Bjorn provides our word to use in our Quadrilles today over at dVerse Poets…join with us in one of our most popular prompts!

The Biggest Oil Spill You’ve Never Heard Of

In 2004 after Hurricane Ivan struck,
20 wells from an offshore platform
in the Gulf of Mexico owned by Taylor Energy
began leaking and has been spilling forth
oil ever since. This oil leak has been kept
secret from the public for 12 years.

Come join us as De hosts our Quadrille Monday over at dVerse Poets Pub where we write an entire poem in exactly 44 words using the word ‘spill.’

Best Friends


Photo Public Domain; Bing Images

I was on my way to my
friend Patsy’s house
and my favorite mode
of locomotion seemed
to be skipping. It was
such a joyful way to
get from A to B.
She and I liked to skip
rope too…holding hands
and giggling wildly.

Toni is our host for Quadrille Monday where we write an entire poem in exactly 44 words and use the word “skip” or any variant.  Come join our fun!  dVerse will open its doors at 3PM EST.


Out on the back nine,
just about to the last
hole, I felt a twinge
in my back. I’m sure
that last vigorous
twist I made to send
my ball flying down
the fairway did more
than I bargained for.
Sciatica pain for weeks…

Join Grace as she hosts our seventh Quadrille prompt to use the word “twist” and a word count of exactly 44 words…no more or less at dVerse Poets.  The link is open all week.

The Shimmer Effect

The effect is subtle
at first but then the
shimmers become
more pronounced
until my entire
vision is obscured
by jagged lights much
like lightning bolts.
I couldn’t fathom
what might be causing
this…was I going blind?
No, I found, they
are ocular migraines.

Join us at dVerse today for our sixth Quadrille where we use the word “shimmer” in our 44 word poem with Victoria as our host.



Photo:  Bing Images; Public Domain

My meditation takes me deep.
I sense myself leaving my
earthbound body behind.
The causal body separates
and melts into the
universe splintering
into each pulsing particle
that makes up infinity.
I become bright light
and the spinning vortex
of Source welcomes
me home.

Join us over at dVerse where Grace invites us to write a Quadrille using the word “melt.”


His car stuck in a snow drift,
he decides to leave it and
find help. He pulls his hat down
over his ears and begins to walk.
A mile later hypothermia
lulls his mind into a delirium
and he strips naked from the heat.

Join us at dVerse where Bjorn hosts our second Quadrille using the word “lull” and only 44 words total.  http://dversepoets.com/2016/02/08/11556/


The repetitious,
controlling drone
is too much to bear
as her mind swirls
in a dance of confusion.
The words he utters
are used to undermine
and divide. Selfishness
has replaced affection.
His queen, now a belittled
mannequin, a victim
of his malicious sport.

Come join us at dVerse Poets as Bjorn introduces a new prompt today entitled Quadrille. We will write an entire poem using exactly 44 words. Further instructions are here: http://dversepoets.com/2016/01/18/quadrille-1/

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