Mira Jaya Rose-Hutner, 16 months old

Mira Jaya Rose-Hutner, 16 months old

Mira’s First Christmas

Photo: Mira's first Christmas!

This is Mira…my granddaughter…this photo was taken on Christmas Day.  Mira was dressed in her red flowered Christmas dress but it was so warm that she didn’t need a blouse under it or the cute tights that her Auntie Mahan had bought for her.  She’s four months old now and I’m enjoying her company three days a week and loving every minute with her.  It seems like every week she’s learning and accomplishing more skills.  She’s trying out all kinds of sounds with her voice…sometimes turning them into “singing”.  She’s a good girl, a delight…I’m so fortunate to be in her company.

Small Stone # 8

As I held you this
afternoon, I told
you I knew how
sleepy you were
and it was ok
to let your heavy
eyes close and that
you could even
snore if you wanted to.
I said that kitties
snore and dogs,
people and pigs
maybe even birds.
I demonstrated
quiet snoring and
you smiled big.
You studied my
face as I continued
to quietly talk to you
about sleeping.
Soon, you were.

(An encounter this afternoon with my four month old granddaughter Mira).


My small stone for the Mindful Writing Challenge:  http://www.writingourwayhome.com/search?updated-min=2013-01-01T00:00:00Z&updated-max=2014-01-01T00:00:00Z&max-results=5


Photo by:  Lauren G.  Google Images

shells of hue from
bold byzantium,
blushed pinks
to flaxen ginger
shells collected
throughout the years
seashore alive
with endless riches
intimacy with
nature had
us transfixed
by the splendor
laughing gulls and tiny,
blur-legged pipers with
low-swoop-diving pelicans
and sightseeing dolphins

terns and crabs and
skeletons of fishes
on inexhaustible beaches
of diminutive coquina
laid crushed by the millions
sand dollars
sea urchins
and us
floating, bobbing
in the warm, waving gulf
my heart was sated
those days on Captiva
a distant, hazy dream
of carefree days
exploring that island
now departed
by a placid,
slow demise
no longer I
entwined with you

hollow shells where once love grew

Photo:  Google Images; Heron on Captiva Island

Natasha Head tends the pub bar tonight at dVerse Poets:  http://dversepoets.com/2012/09/25/openlinknight-week-63/  Everyone is welcome to join in with a poem to share.

Perfect “S”

Kissing you upside down
lets me see you in a new
perspective.  Your features
change into a funny face. 

Even at our age, we manage
to have fun, act quirky
and goof around like
when we were kids.

We’ve been together
so long, like an almost-worn
out-but-not-quite pair
of comfortable shoes.

Here’s to
kissing upside down,
loving right side up
and holding each other close.

We make the perfect “S”!

My entry for Magpie Tales 92:  http://magpietales.blogspot.com/

Best Boy Ever

Hi Jan–Nicholas and I had a wonderful time together this morning.  He’s the sweetest, best boy ever.  First, he informed me that you had said when Aunt Gayle gets there that he could eat his chocolate Sponge Bob Square Pants–so he couldn’t get to it fast enough when I walked in the door.  Yum, yum!  Then it was on to basketball–where we got continual “overtimes”.  We both made some baskets.  Fun!  Sad Mishap number 1:  wayward basketball hits Grandmommie’s glass, gold-colored hummingbird feeder and breaks it.  Nicholas immediately apologized profusely–I told him it was just an accident and was not his fault.  I left it on the kitchen counter–picked up broken glass from porch and threw away.

We then went for walk/bike ride around block.  Michael came out and let Nicholas have two small, whopper eggs.  Yum, yum!  Came in and looked at the Highlights magazine and searched for hidden things in a picture–read a couple of stories.  Then he piled pillows up on couch to sit on–Gayle said, be careful that you don’t slip and bonk your head on the table–he asked “Why?”  Two minutes later–slipped and had Sad Mishap number 2:  head bonked table.  Small boo-boo.  Gayle held him while he cried and then asked if he wanted to put some ice on it to help it feel better–he said yes.  All better!
He wanted to take me to his school and got his backpack and said “come on” and that he knew the way.  Talked him out of it.  Spent much time telling him why I wasn’t going to let him eat his M & Ms and/or his lollipop!  He was very persistent, but I won!

Went outside to smell gardenia flowers and watched two squirrels eating from some plants–they got close and we liked them.  I told Nicholas maybe he could take his teacher a flower the next day.  Then spied wasps buzzing around–I told him those bugs will sting and to be careful around them.  Saw hawk fly low towards us and go over the rooftop–cool!  Watched other birds in the trees and commented.  Soon heard Dad’s car coming–Dad’s home!  Dad spots a small grasshopper on a toy out front, tells Nicholas go get his bug catcher and bug house–Dad catches grasshopper and puts it in house.  Nicholas wants to show Grandmommie when she comes home.  Gayle hugs and kisses the best boy ever and says she loves him so much.  Hug and kiss in return.  Successful mission completed!

I babysat for my nephew’s three year old son, Nicholas, this morning.  The above is the email I sent my sister recapping the busy morning we had together.  Nicholas and his Dad live with my sister and her husband.  Nicholas has been playing basketball since he was around 14 months old.  He is an accomplished player.  And he’s the best boy ever!

Entering this for The Purple Treehouse:  Funny Bunny Week Five:  http://purpletreehouse.blogspot.com/2011/12/funny-bunny-fridays-week-5-december-2.html

An Awful Buzz in the Everglades

It was almost a year ago that Tom and I set out for the first “whole-week” vacation I had ever taken.

We were headed for the West Coast of Florida–beautiful Naples.  We had reservations at a lovely, single-story condo, with pool and Jacuzzi, not far from downtown and the beach.

We really didn’t have much of an agenda, just relaxing and seeing some sights.  My Dad had told us of a park in the Everglades to visit.  So we made a mental note to check it out.

In the meantime, we did manage to take a tour of the Thomas Edison-Henry Ford compounds and saw the amazing and immense “walking” Banyan tree that had spread across acres and acres of the property.  We walked the grounds that had plant species brought in from throughout the world.

One of the most awe-inspiring experiences I’ve ever had occurred one late afternoon as Tom and I walked along the beach.  As we looked along the shoreline–I am always looking for shells and other treasures–Tom, who had stepped out into the sparkling, clear water of the Gulf, suddenly pointed out a large, six-legged starfish, and then another and another!  There were thousands of starfish just a few feet from the edge of the beach.  We walked on and on, and there were more and more starfish.  We were stunned and thrilled to witness such an incredible scene.  And we saw Brown Pelicans perched by the dozens in the Pine trees that lined up along the dunes “yakking” loudly.

Another day on the beach, we came upon hundreds and hundreds of stingrays!  The tips of their small “wings” broke the water as they swam along.  We stopped and spoke to a local woman who said she has walked the beach for years and she had never seen anything like it.

Wow!  What a show!

But our singularly most memorable day was when we went to explore that park my Dad had mentioned.  I had never been to the Everglades.  I was excited at the prospect of what I might find.

So we took off and were soon nearing our destination.  We came upon some water that ran alongside the highway with a gravelly, rocky beach and even an inviting picnic table.  I suggested we pull over and walk down to the water.  Sure, it would be fun.

We got out of the car, and Tom picked his way carefully over the sharp, jutting rocks to the edge of the water; I was not far behind.

Suddenly, there was a loud, buzzing sound.  I looked around frantically and then began to slap myself.  MOSQUITOES!  They surrounded us with a vengeful lust for blood covering us with their massive numbers.  I’m sure they took delight in the two imbeciles who had walked straight into their personal dining hall!

We ran to the car for safe haven.  To our horror–and I mean horror–we found that the inside of the car was thick with zillions of tiny, blood-thirsty vampires!  We had left the windows open!  We had no choice and did the only thing we could.  We jumped in the car with all the windows rolled down, then took off, blasting down the highway as fast as we could to blow the mosquitoes out, the two of us slapping and wriggling as we went.

Poor Tom, with both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, got bit the worst.  Finally, after the one hour ride back to our condo, the mosquitoes were almost gone.  To this day I cringe when I hear that telltale buzz.

I do look back on my vacation to Naples as magical, but, as I’ve told Tom, the only way I will ever return to the Everglades is the day it snows!









A bowl of shells and other sea life that I brought back from our trip.  I love to look at them and remember those days.

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