Photo by Gayle Walters Rose; All Rights Reserved

Photo by Gayle Walters Rose; All Rights Reserved

I had been tending this orchid for over a year. It was in full bloom when I bought it but it hadn’t bloomed since.  It was hanging in the dappled shade of our small courtyard and I was fertilizing it regularly with an orchid food.  It was receiving the afternoon rains during this hot and humid summer and had been putting out strong, fresh green leaves.  As I puttered around my mostly, potted plants one day and glanced over at that dormant orchid, what I thought were new leaf pods had put forth large, double-twin fragrant blooms!  Joy!

fireflies spark the night
breeze lifts summer kimono
quiet hush echos

Grace is our host for Haibun Monday over at dVerse Poets Pub, 3PM EST.  Please see her presentation for all the details on this fun form!

Mira Jaya Ji

20150729_164754_resized (1)

Photo by Gayle Walters Rose:  Mira Jaya Rose-Hutner

Who would have thought
with one child’s birth
such transformation
within my heart.
No hesitation
on my part
to uproot my life
and join your side.
Witnessing your
change and growth
has brought great
expansion of my own.
A guru in an infant’s
form has shone
the light where
it had dimmed.

You’ve bowed to me
and touched my feet.
With common ground
we’ve made a link.

I pay attention
to what you teach,
no matter if
you’re only three.  

Now delight
is often near,
your joyous smile
brings sweet cheer.

These last few years
I won’t forget,
your entrance here
made my top-ten list.

Toni, aka Kanzen Sakura, asks us to offer something up along the lines of change over at dVerse Poets:

Breathing In

breathing in

Breathing In by Brooke Shaden:


Each new inhalation
brings life anew
as if coming forth
from the womb.
Floating in wisdom,
the breath carries
me in peace and
holds me in
gentle repose.  
Freedom is the
all encompassing
space that
surrounds me.
The endless
vibration of
my soul
all of time.
And I rest here.
In quiet stillness.
Merged in joy.
With all that exists.

Grace is our hostess at dVerse today and invites us to use the art of Brooke Shaden to inspire our writing.  Gratitude to Brooke Shaden for the use of her amazing and inspiring art work.:

Grandeur on the River

Leaning back in the canoe,
my face turned to the low,
winter sun, I rest my eyes.
The even and
meditative strokes
of the oars gliding
through the mirrored
spring water bring
calm and contentment.
Late morning on the river
is quiet…most birds and
animals having fed are
taking a siesta and are
hidden from our curious eyes.
One lone, stocky
alligator is spotted
on the shaded bank.  He too
is at ease and makes
no move as we paddle past.
My fingers drift lazily
through the cold water
and I lift a few
droplets to refresh
my warmed forehead.
Words have little
value here…a reverence
is kept for the sanctity of
this grandeur.  A chorus
of wind rattles a stand
of bamboo and my
heart flutters with joy
as I merge with nature’s
most tender gift.

Joe Hesch opens the bar for Open Link Night # 91:

Loving Kindness–A Ghazal

O open-hearted Kindness, reigning peace
Your model of piousness brings me peace
Sacred sweetness emanates, giving freely
Like honey-amber richness, flowing peace
What path may bring you near, I do not mind
Searching, my alertness finds your peace
Your grace shines forth in joyful, loving glory
Mending my brokenness through your peace
Elevated calm permeates my soul
When bathed in happiness by your peace
I beseech thee, O My Beloved Loving One
Surround me in completeness to know peace
May it always be thus between us two
A connectedness, entwining the Rose to peace

Check out tonight’s guidance by Samuel over at dVerse Poets to learn the art of the Ghazal form at our Form-For-All:

Small Stones # 18 and # 19

I pass a group of six Sandhill Cranes
standing in the front yard of a
house on my way home from
watching the baby all day.
Majestic, dignified birds,
tall, gray, with long slender necks
and those patches of bright
red feathers on their heads.
I never get tired of seeing these
incredible viewings of nature.

Photo of Sandhill Cranes:  Google Images

Four Red-Bellied Woodpeckers
fly up into a neighbor’s tree,
one makes a swooping flight
into our yard towards the
bird feeder. We see one
visiting the feeder everyday.

Photo of Red-Bellied Woodpecker:  Google Images

My Small Stones for yesterday and today for the Mindful Writing Challenge:

Be Comforted, Please

The morning dawned just like the rest
Sun so bright, gentle wind above the crest
But on this day, I am no more
My body gone but my soul does soar
I have a freedom I never knew
Be joyful and glad that I’m anew
I know I am missed, my voice is gone
But your memory of me is never done
Think of my smile and the light in my heart
Eternally enduring, never to part
Our smiles will merge each time you do
Twice as sweet and ever true
The joy I shared with those I loved
Is alive and well—a treasure trove
Be comforted, please, and know this truth
I do not suffer, it’s only you
So cry a bit and mourn my passing
But it’s just a while before we’re meeting
Not so long, you will see
United again, souls flying free

A long-time friend asked me to write some words of comfort for her grieving family.  Her brother and sister-in-law lost their youngest daughter in a car crash early New Year’s Day.  She sent it to the family and they wanted to read it at her memorial service.  I am so honored that my words could bring a little comfort.  I do not know my friend’s family.

Actually I’m not sure if this is a true elegy or not.  I had referred to it as such yesterday in a posting.

Blissful Sadness

A Silhouette of Sadness

A Silhouette of Sadness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New mothering
brought me joy.
Blissful willingness
I gave of myself.
Nothing perturbed
or was too much
to tend to this babe
that I had birthed.
She was my first,
perfect and sweet,
a child of peace,
her soul so deep.
A bond grew tight
with her at my breast,
exchanging love,
trust, and light.
But you never called,
you didn’t reach out,
you kept yourself(ish)
hidden from our life.
Your granddaughter
was here…not so
far away, but you
made no attempt
to join with us.
I should have
been prepared,
because this is
who you are…
but it would have
been nice to have
felt your presence.

Stuart McPherson describes “The Beautiful Sadness” over at dVerse Poetics.  Share an occasion or event that was beautiful but has elements of sadness within it.

A Few Words

Heart Candle

Image by Bob.Fornal via FlickrI

I was so touched by your gesture;
do you know what it meant to me?
A few words said so sincerely,
leaving my heart so enraptured–
moments before my departure.
My soul soared with the meaning,
I felt joy for new beginnings.
A whole new journey before me,
now full with possibility,
all because of sweet murmurings.

Decima form

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads asks us to write a love (or anti-love) poem for Valentine’s Day–I’m re-posting this one that I wrote last year:




O Joy!

A bird I spied up in the oak,
Shadows therein did give him cloak.
Trilling whistles did me engage,
O joy!  Freedom from gilded cage.

I thrilled to watch you through my scope.
Your charming antics brought me hope.
Petulant warble as if onstage,
O joy!  Freedom from gilded cage.

Bib, crown and nape of rufous hue,
With wings of deepest, dusky blue.
Who are you…little spirit sage?
O joy!  Freedom from gilded cage.



A Kyrielle is a French form of rhyming poetry written in quatrains (a stanza consisting of 4 lines), and each quatrain contains a repeating line or phrase as a refrain (usually appearing as the last line of each stanza).  Each line within the poem consists of only eight syllables.  There is no limit to the amount of stanzas a Kyrielle may have, but three is considered the accepted minimum.

Some popular rhyming schemes for a Kyrielle are:  aabB, ccbB, ddbB, with B being the repeated line, or abaB, cbcB, dbdB.

Mixing up the rhyme scheme is possible for an unusual pattern of:  axaZ, bxbZ, cxcZ, dxdZ, etc. with Z being the repeated line.  The rhyme pattern is completely up to the poet.

You Used to Sing

You used to sing

When your heart was light

Your voice so harmonious

When life was easier

I remember that time

When your heart sang too

Joy came visiting

More often than now

Your voice went silent

Many years ago

Tunes of resentment

Are your music instead

Now fear has crept in

Pain has joined too

They’ve settled in deep

Happiness pushed out

No longer able

No longer can

Simple tasks

Bring you grief

Face contorted

With anguished woe

You’ve clutched so tight

To your suffering

It’s made its home

Within your bones

And with your acceptance

It’s come right in

Can’t let it go

It’s become a friend

A crutch, a tool

To have its way

We try our best

To give you help

To serve and attend

And offer assist

But your bitterness flies

And attacks the innocent

Our spirit crushes

Underneath the assault

Poor, poor mother

We fill up with compassion

Such a dilemma

We wish you well

Mom, circa 1980s


In the quiet of the evening

When all is still tranquility

I breathe in deep and sense my essence

Pure, everlasting acquiescence


The gentle silence of the night

Soothes me into peaceful harmony

No thoughts invade to bring discord

Turned within, I find serenity


Sitting motionless, relaxed and steady

I feel composed and undisturbed

The whole of the cosmos supports my state

I’m in alignment; a smile escapes


Joy transcends all here below

Energy tickles its way upward

Merging powers serve to greet me

My Oneness revealed; I’m blessed completely

Entry for Thursday’s Poet Rally 42:

In My Dreams

In my dreams, I fly

heavenward to touch a star

boundless joy is mine.

Day Twenty-six of Haiku Challenge:

A Few Words

Heart Candle

Image by Bob.Fornal via FlickrI 

I was so touched by your gesture;
do you know what it meant to me?
A few words said so sincerely,
leaving my heart so enraptured–
moments before my departure.
My soul soared with the meaning,
I felt joy for new beginnings.
A whole new journey before me,
now full with possibility,
all because of sweet murmurings.

Decima form

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