Rumpelstiltskin; a Clerihew


Picture of Rumpelstiltskin; Bing Images

To read the fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin, click here.

Lillian, I took up your challenge for a Rumpelstiltskin Clerihew!

You’re a cad, Rumpelstiltskin
though you offer your services to spin,
and a young girl trusts that you’re good
karma caught up with you just as it should!

Try your hand at a new form called the Clerihew over at dVerse Poets!

Clerihew; dVerse Form For All



Gene Wilder in “Young Frankenstein”; Photo Bing Images

Gene Wilder
comic supreme no wiser
just watch “Young Frankenstein”
as he continues his bloodline
Tropical Storm Julia
you danced around us with a hula
Just another fews days of rain
Florida shakes it off with no pain

jackbenny                                                             Jack Benny;  Photo on Pinterest
Do ya’ll remember Jack Benny?
He was a man who loved to pinch a penny.
Perpetually thirty nine
he was a master of the pause…and punchline.

Join me today over at dVerse where I present another new form to play with.  The pub’s doors open at 3PM EST.

Demanding Cursor

That cursor blinking,
blinking, blinking,
a demand to write
something. It’s up to me
to appease this beast.

I think it’s patient
though, it will
keep blinking
if I let it.

Remembering a time
when my mind opened fully,
my stories wrote themselves.

Victoria is our host at dVerse for our Quadrille prompt today.  Head over there to read her presentation for all the details!

Keeper of Secrets

You are the keeper of my secrets
that have been whispered in the dead
of night when no one else would
hear. I’ve turned my eyes to you,
my benevolent mother, for the
safety I’ve never felt elsewhere.
You’ve never betrayed me and have
never looked at me with reproach.

You held me in your grace all those many
years ago when I stared up into your
glowing, quiet face in the wee hours of
the morning, searching for comfort.
Together we heard the distant train
making its way through town,
a drawn-out mournful call that only the
alone could hear. You let my tears fall
freely without admonishment.

Your steadiness is dependable and
the tides dance in and out, ebbing
and flowing at your bidding…your
strength disguised by your humility.

Your gentle smile showers love through
the cosmos, limitless and enveloping
I feel the energy pulsating your cool
glow, spreading serenity.

The stars blink in silver and gold as
your reflection sparkles in their eyes.
Eons of light flows in waves
within this universal hum.

It reaches my ears and with closed eyes I join you in a calming chant of om.

Grace prompts us to write of the moon at dVerse Poets.

A Day Like No Other

It was a day like no other
because it had never been
before. There had never
been a sky like this.
There were less leaves
on the gnarled oak.

Slowly the days dim
and grow shorter and
as summer fades, an
imperceptible hint
of fall teases in a breeze.

De is our host for Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets.  Won’t you join us in writing a 44 word poem?  See De’s presentation for the details of this fun challenge!

Meeting the Bar; Tanka

wind of dawning spring
caresses our naked forms
intertwined we sleep
the waterfall’s basin fills
overflowing like our love

Toni instructs us on the beauty of the Japanese tanka form over at dVerse Poets Pub.  Come give it a try!

The Portal

Photo of pink depression era glass jar:  Bing Photos

Photo of pink depression era glass jar: Bing Photos

It came to me in
repeated dreams:
Keep them in a
contained portal
and when you
are in need
open it and
let them be
My wishes,
hopes and
are held within
a pink, tinted jar,
ready and waiting
for happy beginnings.

Bjorn is back from his hiatus and hosts our Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets…please join us!


Photo by Gayle Rose; Hibiscus Bloom

Photo by Gayle Rose; Hibiscus Bloom

How quick we are
And impatient
We’ve become
So many in a hurry
Their lives in a flurry
Gone the stillness
Of a moment to be
To linger and tarry
Examine and wonder
Such a loss, such a shame
There’s so much to ponder
To see the beauty
To notice around us
Myriad small joys
Abounding among us
Take a moment, won’t you
Slow yourself down
Nature especially
Can bring us around
It’s the simplicity of life
That connects us to see

Join me this afternoon as I host Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.  Link up any one poem of your choice to share.

Sapphire Sky

Born under a sapphire sky in early September,
fresh wash hung drying by a light, fall breeze that day,
birds vied for seeds from a feeder and a cat laid curled in the sun.
The house kept five of us now and the backyard was our playground.
Two of us would sit on the back steps, perusing the loftiness of the
Australian Pine, the shapes in the clouds and the back woods.
This beauty was in deep contrast to the darkening, indigo storm within.

De is our host for Poetics over at dVerse Poets Pub…come join us for a mid summer prompt.

Dark Beast

Pervasive thoughts
swing me from peace
and calm off the
abyss into the depths
of fear and panic
where my heart
in my ears
my muscles
and my
clutch each other
in a vain attempt
to console
but tension
does not
bring about
I must
s l o w l y
and, if need be,
sequester myself
away from well-meaning
people who are NEVER
able to restore my calm
by their good-intentioned
words of rational beseeching.
What I fear the most is this dark beast that creeps up on me without warning.

Mish is our host at dVerse Poets and asks us to write on “What are you afraid of?”

Still Hope

Gayle Walters 1st grade photo

Gayle Walters 1st grade photo

Only six years old,
there’s still hope
in those pure eyes.
The smile is genuine,
accessorized by dimples.
There’s a semblance
of safety that’s still
being met. Fear and
panic has yet to set a
pathway through
my neurons. Only six,
there’s still hope.

Lillian is our host for our Quadrille prompt over at dVerse Poets.  Come join the fun with one of most popular prompts, to write a poem in 44 words.


"Janeiro" by Catherine Walters; All Rights Reserved

“Janeiro” by Catherine Walters; All Rights Reserved


A perpetual beat is
going on in her head.
Some think she’s a
clown as her life
mimics the rhythmic
pulsing within.
A wild dance
fires her mind
and paints her
world in vivid
splashes of
color. Passion
is orange, zesty
with fervor,
it’s what propels
her silken soul.

She wears her heart
on her sleeve but
no one notices
because it’s lost
among all the
colorful and
artsy accessories
adorning her
clothing and
etching her face.

Some keep their
distance; she’s
just too different.
But inside she’s
deeply sensitive
and wants more
than anything
to be accepted
and loved.
No one notices
as a tear some-
times slips and
rolls silently
down her cheek.

She was born
in January,
sign of Capricorn.
And it suits her.
She is diligent
and responsible,
honest and
always waiting
for others to
finally see her
strengths and
her heartfelt
to succeed
at life and make
that connection
with others.

I wrote my ekphrastic poem using my very talented niece’s painting titled, “Janeiro.”

Today is Open Link Night where Grace hosts us over at dVerse Poets Pub.  Please join us by linking any one poem of your choice.


My car’s air conditioning had gone out. Yes, gone out in this miserable and all-encompassing heat.  But I had received it back from the mechanic and had been assured all was well after spending close to $1,000.00 on a new compressor and accumulator (whatever that is).  So as I took off to do my errands the next day I fully expected cold, refreshing, frigid air to be copiously blowing forth from my brand new air conditioner…but, no, it did not.  It was doing what it had done when I took it in…switching on and off, willy-nilly.  Right now it was blowing HOT!  Returning home, I called the mechanic and reported my sorrowful predicament as sweat slowly trickled down my neck.  It’s going back in next week…CURSES!

heat wave shimmers a
mirage—cool, undulating
ripples form a swell

* As a side note, my car went back to the mechanic last week where they replaced another part (only charged me for the part, no labor) and although the car cooled on the way home, it stopped again and has started going on and off again.  Argh!  Back it goes later this week.  The mechanic couldn’t believe it and wants to keep the car and drive it for a couple of days so he can see what it’s doing.  Really bad timing!

Toni is our host for Haibun Monday.  See her presentation at dVerse for all the details and join us for one of our most popular prompts.

Government on the Down Low

shot through
with lie
keep out
the truth
death row
is how
sent down
the river
a paddle

our justice
to make
sure all
is on the
up and up
and not
the down low
I’ve seen the
and I’m
going to
shine it bright
on the shameful
that cage
and murder
the guiltless
It cannot be
that there
is this penalty.

Today at dVerse Poets we revisit our friend Anthony Desmond and our prompt is to write on a belief that you once held that has now changed.

Two Tweet-Length Poems


5th anniversary celebration,
old friends revisited feels
slightly melancholy, new
year ahead, clean slate
permits new inspiration,
growth and fun


meeting a date,
conversation flow-
ing but feel no spark
then he turns the
convo to politics and
starts dissing Hillary
date quickly takes
a nose dive 

We visit with our former member, Samuel Peralta, at dVerse Poets Pub for our 5th Anniversary celebration and write a poem using 144 characters.

The Village

Artist: Claudia Schoenfeld Used with Permission

Artist:  Claudia Schoenfeld; Used With Permission

Greenwich Village was once a haven for beatniks, artists and poets.
Bohemians still stroll past cello players on the sidewalk in front of
luxury high rises, old-world townhouses and family-owned businesses.

Tenement style walk-ups and brownstones are interspersed with night clubs.
And you can still feel the rich history from the 1950s Beat generation
and the homosexual revolution that brought about social change.

Macho men of the disco era are long ago vestiges of the village.

Victoria is our host for our second day of celebration for our dVerse Poet’s Pub 5th anniversary with an interview with our beloved co-founder Claudia Schoenfeld.  Click the link to see what our prompt is for today.

Intersecting Lives

Two women’s
lives intersect as
their life journey
connects them online
through their writing.
I admire her quilting,
her husband’s
talent with embroidery
and posted photos of
her surrounding
When I learn that
she has unexpectedly
passed away, my
heart misses a beat.

Join us at dVerse Poets as Grace presents an interview with one of our beloved co-founders, Brian Miller, for our 5th anniversary celebration this week.  We are also writing a Quadrille today…click on the link for details.

Wild Roses

The trellis is filled
with abundant, rainbow
hued blossoms of
pale sun, pinks like
baby cheeks and just
a light caress of
lilacs. Summer’s
bountiful rains
bring twining,
wild roses.
They thrive
weaving in and out,
and support each other,
climbing the arbor untamed.

Bjorn provides our word to use in our Quadrilles today over at dVerse Poets…join with us in one of our most popular prompts!


Shallow creek running through Mead Botanical Garden; Photo from Yelp

My friend and I were on our bikes oblivious to the scorching midsummer day. We just enjoyed riding, feeling the wind in our hair and having the freedom to go wherever we wanted.  On this day we made our way over to Mead Gardens a few miles from our homes.  It was a 48 acre botanical garden with an ancient glass hothouse where gorgeous orchids still thrived.  The door was locked but we would peer in through the green algae-covered windows and admire the flowers.

Soon the sky darkened with the expected afternoon rains. No thunder or lightning but just a light rain fell and we made our way over to the small, shallow creek that gently trickled through the garden.  We jumped in with our already wet clothes on and walked through the water meandering through the lush foliage that grew along the banks.  It was just another summer adventure for us; we didn’t care one bit that we were sopping wet.

butterfly garden
chrysalis hangs from milkweed
liquid crystals drip

Toni is our host at dVerse Poets for Haibun Monday.  Please see her presentation there for all the details.

Afflicted Bane

Down to the basement, dark and damp
stamping my feet to scare what may
play and scatter down there. Things in corners,
(foreigners with matted fur and eyes of red)
bred to frighten and scare me silly.
Willies they give me and shudders and shrieks,
(speak in low and guttural growls)
foul and forlorn their lives down there.
Fair, not one bit; their teeth are green.
Between the washer and the dryer
higher up on the shelf above
sort of wedged back way too far
are the canned beans I need.
Flee fast as soon as I grab,
drab basement, my afflicted bane
gaining speed up the steps, I depart
heart thumping, safe at last.

Victoria instructs us on meter and setting a mood at dVerse Poets.  I chose a chain/link form to attempt matching meter to mood.  Oy!  I have no idea what I’m doing!

Goddess of Mercy; Quan Yin

Supreme goddess
hears the cries of the world
and eases the suffering
of all sentient beings.
She’s the Goddess of Mercy,
a bodhisattva who’s
vowed to free us all from life’s
cycle of birth and death
and maya’s gripping hold.
She embraces our sorrows
and soothes our spirits
while pouring
cool, calming waters
of compassion
over our anguished souls.
She’s promised to remain
in these earthly realms
even though her
own enlightenment
has already been attained.
She’s empathy incarnate;
gentle and tender,
her countenance
is acceptance and
loving-kindness toward all.
You need but utter her name and
she will at once be at your side,
bringing protection and gain–
ever tireless in her caring.
A regal goddess riding the waves
upon a dragon; she arrives to defend.
Even to those who create harm in others,
her benevolence holds them all with
the encompassing love of a mother.

O mother, Quan Yin, I take refuge
in your bountiful kindness
that shines forth with infinite purity.
I feel your grace that showers me with peace
and I know that I am protected.
I am blessed by your eternal
compassion that flows
with abundance and I feel
your warm embrace that holds
me safe until I no longer need holding.

The following are some photos of two Quan Yin statues that I own.  The brass one with Quan Yin being held aloft by a hand was brought back from Nepal from my world-traveling friend, Sandrine.  It’s very special to me. I have felt an affinity with Quan Yin since I first became acquainted with her story.




Photos by Gayle Walters Rose; All Rights Reserved

Lillian is our host for Poetics over at dVerse Poets Pub and invites us to write from the perspective of a sculpture.

The Biggest Oil Spill You’ve Never Heard Of

In 2004 after Hurricane Ivan struck,
20 wells from an offshore platform
in the Gulf of Mexico owned by Taylor Energy
began leaking and has been spilling forth
oil ever since. This oil leak has been kept
secret from the public for 12 years.

Come join us as De hosts our Quadrille Monday over at dVerse Poets Pub where we write an entire poem in exactly 44 words using the word ‘spill.’

An Ordinary Day with an Extraordinary Girl

I open the screen door to the porch and make my way toward their back door. Sometimes I’ll see Dad in the doorway as he puts the finishing touches on my daughter’s coffee that she takes with her to work.  Many times I see no one until I step inside and look to my right and there I find the small child that delights my heart sitting on the sofa with her iPad on her lap.  Still in her “jammies”, she barely glances at me until I engage her with questions about the story she’s engrossed in.  “Mira, are you watching that three little pigs and the big, bad wolf video again?”

heavy humid air
lies still across the Ganga
blue crabs scuttle home

Please join us for Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets where Toni asks us to write on ordinary, everyday goings on in our lives.



Bing Images Public Domain

All color is transmuted matte and gray,
the sun obscured by this ripping pain.
It’s unfathomable that you are gone,
the earth minus your comforting form.
My mind is fogged; I can’t conceive that
your breath has stilled to be no more.
Tears stain my face and well again
as I remember you and how we loved.
Your countenance pure and sweetly bright,
you brought good cheer and lifted my heart.
Accepting and kind, compassionate eyes
perused this world with a spiritual light.
For children and animals a special smile
was conveyed unlimited to share your charm.
Your hand outstretched to those along your path
was a gift bestowed like heaven on earth.
So though I miss you and still must mourn,
I realize that your precious time here was done.
You’re at peace now and I soon will be too
as I feel deep within that we’ll meet up again.

Join me at dVerse Poets Pub as I present writing an elegy for Meeting the Bar Thursday at 3PM.

Unwinding Along a Winding Road

Being taken on long, scenic, nature drives has always been a favorite way for me to relax. My mind instantly turns to what is outside the window and I’ve managed to catch many displays of wildlife. I’ve seen bald eagles soaring high overhead.  I’ve spotted osprey in their huge nests, tiny Kingfisher resting daintily on telephone wires, rabbits on the fringe of woods, Red-Shouldered Hawks perched on fence posts, wild turkeys gobbling on the side of roads and numerous alligators, some submerged with their long, nubby heads showing, their eyes just above the water line and many more sunning on banks.  I love catching these snippets of nature while driving along a winding trail at a state park or just out in a country setting.

One very late night several years ago, my partner at the time and I headed out of town to watch the early morning Perseid meteor shower. To get a better chance of viewing we drove away from the lights of Orlando, maybe 10 miles to the Econlockhatchee River.  Before we even reached our destination, I started seeing the telltale streaks of meteors flashing through the sky.  Calming and exciting at the same time!

Night rides can be very soothing. My mother would sometimes gather all of us kids in the car and drive around in the evenings, windows down, cooling and calming us down.

Perseid shower
blazing stars fall from the sky
vanish in a flash

Join us at dVerse Poets where Toni hosts us for Haibun Monday.  We are asked to write on ways that we truly relax.  Toni’s presentation will be published at 3PM EST Monday.  Please read it for full details.

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