Unexpected Discovery

Photo of Taos Pueblo:  Google Images

but I did go…and after my ego
stopped resisting, I actually
started enjoying myself

archery, swimming, movies,
working as a team through
an obstacle course, learning
to shoot targets out in the desert,
staring down my fear as I shook,
and overcame, feeling inspired

climbing my way up to an ancient,
pueblo…Native Americans made
their homes here and now I’m
at a festival celebrating who
they once were.  My spirit
swelled with emotions for
these few left who proudly
shared their chants, dances, lives…
drumbeats measuring time gone by

my heart softened
and I grew

seva, an important
part of my life now…
I served and did my share
with renewed love and gratitude

a routine outing turns
potentially deadly as
the brakes go out on
the vehicle we’ve taken
for an afternoon’s picnic,
gathering speed…out of
control…careening down
the before-traveled quiet,
winding, mountain road,
we’re jostled and thrown
out of our seats, we clutch
hands and pray and PRAY

we come to a stop
landing upside down
skidding off the side of the road

but we made it…no one seriously
injured, we marvel at our safety and
whisper our thanks, shaking our heads

my strength…I found my STRENGTH
unexpected discovery

Karin Gustafson (ManicDdaily) hosts dVerse Poets today encouraging us to write on things ‘unexpected’:  http://dversepoets.com/2012/09/22/unexpected-poetics/

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  1. Whew – these are moments for which it is very good to be grounded. The change of pace here very strong. k.


  2. oh heck…glad everything went well..and often we find our strength in those dangerous moments…just when we need it..


  3. What an upbeat poem this is…and how wonderful that you overcame your fears and were able to discover and use your strength. I have had a few occasions like that in my life too, and at UNEXPECTED times they are nice to look back on!


    • I did…it was very empowering to overcome my hesitation and fears…I found strength I never knew I had…very nice to think back on… Thanks for sharing, Mary.


  4. What an inspiration Gayle ~ I feel your enthusiasm and engagement ~ all the better for being unexpected 🙂 x


  5. I am glad it turned out well and you found your strength ~ Sometimes we only get to know how strong we are after surviving a crisis or an event ~ Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts in my blog ~


    • I know…I wish that wasn’t the case…but it seems so true. I really did feel so much stronger after those few weeks out in New Mexico..and surviving that crash to come home to my babies!

      And you’re so welcome, Grace…a beautiful offering you created today.


  6. Oh my goodness, unexpected indeed and miraculous no one was hurt. So frightening. So well written.


    • Yes, a harrowing part of that trip out west…and yes, I think a miracle no one was hurt worse than they were…just minor…considering.. Thanks, Sherry.


  7. To go somewhere you were reluctant to go, then discover it was exactly what you needed and then to be forced to ‘see’ how strong you are is quite a life-changing event. The trouble is, so often we allow others to define us, and lose ourselves in that definition. Although you could have all done without the breaks failing it sure taught you some valuable things about yourself in unexpected ways.
    A lovely read.


    • Yes, it really was…exactly what I needed… I returned home a very different person…seeing a glimpse of what you really are capable of can do that for you! Thanks for a lovely comment, Bren.


  8. happy everyone got out unharmed. a great write.


  9. sounds like a pretty cool experience…isnt it intersting as well how the places we dont want to go are usually the places we most need to go….even the car spinning out of control can wake us up…and it carries such symbolism as well…


  10. Very nice. There are indeed some trip I didn’t want to go on and then am glad that I did. I think the trick is to just get involve and get into it — the activities, the social stuff, just make the best of it, instead of dwelling on reasons to be elsewhere. Fun to read this. 🙂


  11. What an experience ~ life-changing for sure


  12. Wow Gayle that sounds one awesome and dramatic experiences all in one. I think maybe you know you are protected. I don’t think we should ever unerestimate the power of Prayer/thoughts sent out to that Universal Oneness we are all connected via.
    Thank goodness you are safe.
    Sorry not been on WP much since my hols I came home and was knocked off my feet with a bug with flu symptoms.
    And laid here with my phone wading through emails.
    Take care of you. I know the Universe already is love Sue x0x


    • Yes, I have no doubt that we were protected…our prayers were strong! It was actually a bus that crashed…there were many of us on it. This happened over thirty years ago…I was just happy I was able to return home to my two little baby girls waiting for me. I landed upside down (as we all did) sprained my neck and had to wear a neck brace for several weeks…also cut my foot and was taken to the hospital for a tetanus shot.

      So sorry to hear that you’ve been sick, Sue…especially sad when you catch something when you’re on holiday…take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. xoxo


      • Thoughts/prayers sent out to the “The Universal Oneness” protect people — really? So all the folks that die in crashes or illness just needed to send a little more energy out and everything would have been OK?


        • Actually, I don’t know why we were saved/protected from worse harm. I haven’t quite figured out how this all works…some people suffer…some have a worse time than others…some suffer horrible atrocities….I don’t have the answers. And sometimes I meet people where they are in their beliefs…

          You bring up very valid points…would you like to share your thoughts/beliefs….I’ll be happy to listen.


          • My point was simple — basically already made: There is no spiritual thing protecting any of us — God, Great Oneness, Karma machine or however you phrase it. Prayers and thoughts do not protect — they may comfort, but their ain’t no magic in prayer. We must not ignore those who lost their safety, success or health with such talk.


          • Sabio, you do realize that this is your personal opinion. Not everyone shares it…that is their right…as it is yours to have your beliefs.


          • Well of course I know it is a “personal opinion”. Why would you ask that? Remember you said, “would you like to share your thoughts/beliefs” — so I did.
            If I say 2+2=4, it is an opinion too. And I guess it would be personal.

            Magic prayer — praying for sick folks who don’t know they are being prayed for — has been tested and shown to have no effect. That is not to say that comfort prayer and such may not be helpful both to the person praying and the person who thinks others are praying for them. Actually, sometimes that even makes things worse — guilt for not getting better etc.

            So sure, just because something is a personal opinion does not mean we can’t test to see if it is true, or judge it as false. Opinions are not sacred.

            Opinions were boldly posted here that prayer can protect people. We know it is not true with sickness and we have no evidence that it is true with accidents. School buses of children going to church camps crash all the time.

            So I was just putting out an opinion after others put out theirs. The question is, are the opinions based in reality, or not.

            And of course I belief that people don’t have to have realistic or even nice beliefs — as long as they don’t harm others. Problem is — sometimes they do.


  13. Wasn’t sure exactly what strength you found.
    I had to look up Seva — was it this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seva_Foundation


    • I faced a lot of fears while on that trip and accomplished some activities that I had never tried before…obstacle course, learning to shoot pistols…surviving a harrowing bus crash… The word seva means ‘service’. My use of the word has no connection to The Seva Foundation.

      Thanks for commenting Sabio.


  14. Whew, the car ride sure was frightful. Lucky thing none seriously injured. We’re safe only when preceding a disaster we had come to terms with God the AlMighty! Most believe this is so! Nicely Gayle!



  15. What a passionate write, Gayle. I am so glad you are alright and looks as though you found so many different things you learned and strength was at the top of the list.


    • Yes, finding strength within was the best. And too, I never wanted to take that trip in the first place and came back a changed person…sometimes the Universe knows best! 🙂


  16. Harrowing! The true test of equanimity is during times of great bliss and great turmoil. I haven’t mastered equanimity. I wonder if I’ll ever even get close to it…


    • When I look back on that experience, I’m truly in awe that I wasn’t more freaked out than I was…it was over fairly quickly though. I did have problems when I returned home…some PTSD symptoms showed up…

      I wonder if I’ll ever get close too…not to grasp at either “good” or “bad”…


  17. Androgoth

     /  September 23, 2012

    This was a very lucky escape my great friend
    and whilst it was happening you must have sensed
    that feeling of slow motion? 😦

    These kinds of experiences shape our lives and in
    a rather bizarre way give us many strengths that we
    never even thought about…

    Have a lovely start to your new week Gayle 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


    • It sure was. I remember thinking…wow, this is the way I could die…then the episode was over, seemed pretty quick (or else I blocked it all out!)…I’m very thankful for that! Yes, it was a summer of finding many strengths within me…overall not a bad time at all.

      Hope your weekend went well, Androgoth…almost over here… 🙂 xoxo


      • Androgoth

         /  September 23, 2012

        Yes it is already 23:00 so not much of the weekend left here either but I do hope that your week is a very happy one Gayle 🙂 😉

        Androgoth XXx


  18. What a wonderful job you did with that prompt!


  19. A wonderful victory story and nice spin on the prompt. Kudos! 😉



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