The Sound Current

Arising before the dawn, to bathe my soul anew,
ancient techniques are followed, to guide myself within.
Many sages have forged these timeless practices,
lineages of enlightened beings offering illumination.
Aligning myself with the sacred current of sound,
raises my consciousness and vibratory scale. 

The speeding universe emanates a sweetened, singing scale
that captivates my awareness and cleanses me anew.
Chanting is a tool that helps me match this sound,
the frequency created penetrates my spine within.
Energy raised through the chakras brings illumination;
myriad methods and postures include this sacred practice. 

Homage is given to those who shared these practices.
O great saints and wise ones, I marvel at your scale,
your selfless perseverance that gifted such illumination.
This opportunity allows me to ever begin anew,
starting again from this moment to purify within.
It’s always present to source, this ever-humming sound.

Listen!  Quiet… I hear the ceaseless, universal sound
that permeates everywhere, enveloping my practice.
It’s the sound of creation, without and within.
It reaches beyond, nothing higher than this scale,
and erases all obstacles that keep me from anew.
Star-light pales beside this ever-burning illumination. 

Light so blinding, no eyes glimpse this illumination.
Knowing awareness awakens with the sound,
the goal is achieved –my soul is rest anew.
O my guru–humility is part of my practice,
your selfless guidance has enhanced my scale.
My heart is full of grace, no longer harsh within. 

It’s all around if we but perceive within,
the all encompassing light–pure illumination.
Nothing compares to this scale,
the divine, life-giving sound
graced to us through practice
to uncover our souls anew. 

Investigate within and tap into the sound,
achieve illumination through steadfast practice,
raise your vibratory scale and adorn your heart anew!

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  1. This is very beautiful and healing, thank you for posting it. (I sometimes experience this with sound-healing music – especially that of Deuter, who seems to capture that “sacred current of sound”…)


    • Thank you for the kind words, Betty. I first learned about the sound current back in the early 70s–chanting in a group amplified it loudly!


  2. I believe you are a healer at heart.


  3. ManicDdaily

     /  December 8, 2011

    Good job. This is really a chant or invocation; that is very hard to sustain over a long poem, but you manage it. K.


    • It’s one of those difficult (for me) Sestinas. The first one I did just about drove me crazy. 😉 I suppose it does feel like a chant–hope it didn’t sound too “instructional”. Thanks so much, K.


  4. Androgoth

     /  December 9, 2011

    A great posting Gayle, though I must admit that I am not into any form of chanting, besides it scares the Skeletons 🙂 lol Hey just kidding and if it works for you then all the better my great friend, just don’t be upsetting the Skeletons and everything will be fine…

    Androgoth XXx


  5. Beautifully written, Gayle. I think there are some people (you as an example) who are more sensitive to the most subtle differences in vibrations (from sounds as well as from souls). I admire that you are able to achieve this every morning! I try, but there are so many times when I fail to still the racing thoughts long enough to achieve perfect stillness. Meditation is hard work! lol 😉


    • I won’t argue that I do seem to be very sensitive but I no longer achieve this every morning. It was years ago that I kept up with a daily meditation of some sort. Now, it is more erratic…I’m not sure why.

      Believe me, my mind chatters like a parrot to me many times when trying to be still. But I so agree, meditation can be very challenging!


  6. Yes, it can be very challenging but, so rewarding if we can achieve the stillness. This is a lovely piece. It flows so well.


  7. A wonderful sestina….which in itself is a challenging form.

    I like the peace and serenity of your words ~ Great to see you at D’verse ~


  8. Meditation is an important tool in my life… to achieve it at this level is something I’ve only accomplished a few times… this is beautiful.


  9. Lovely sestina !


  10. oh i would love to find that place…some days i do but…really nicely done to form as well…i intially did not catch it until the third or fourth stanza which is really good…


  11. Without, and within, indeed…


  12. Love the references to sound/vibrations. After reading this, I would have liked to listen to a CD I have of the Dali Lama chanting Ohm….but it’s in Reno and I’m not!


    • Thanks, Victoria. I love his deep, intoning voice as he chants…just listening to it is a meditation in itself. Sorry you’re so far away from your CD!


  13. (big sigh) the flow of your verse mimics the gentle flow of Essence. You’ve captured it wonderfully here. I love the line – It’s the sound of creation, without and within. just beautiful!


    • It’s hard to put into words some of the experiences I’ve had. I’m glad you’re feeling what I’ve tried to portray, Sheila…I so appreciate your comments…thank you.


  14. The sestina lends itself so beautifully to your words. Time consuming to achieve (for me anyway) but so rewarding in the flow and I could hear the Om of earth.


    • Yes, it was time consuming to achieve…the topic for it popped into my head so that’s where I went. I’m very pleased that you could tap into that sound… Thanks.


  15. The “Listen! Quiet… I hear the ceaseless, universal sound” broke up thread of the poem somewhat for me because it evoked a stanza of Matthew Arnold’s “Dover Beach” that begins with the same commanding “Listen!” and speaks of an eternal, unending sound, yet with so despairing a feel, so contrary to your optimism. (Arnold’s is one of my favourite poems and much on my mind, for various reasons, so I bet I am the only person with this weird reaction.)


    • You are totally entitled to your feelings. I don’t know of that author or his poem. But in my experience, hearing that sound has always been a most affirming and positive thing to me. Mr. Arnold obviously had a different take when he wrote about it… now I’m curious…


      • Kathy, I have now read the poem by Arnold and a commentary given. I believe our subjects are totally different…I don’t see a similarity in what we’re trying to convey.


  16. yelena

     /  February 12, 2012

    Gayle, these deeply poetic lines are so soothing and enlightening for any reader’s heart i beleve, not only mine :)you’ve expressed the magic of meditation very well. thanks for sharing!


    • What a lovely comment and compliment for me, Yelena…so very kind of you. I’m very happy that you found this expression soothing and enlightening…meditation can bring us magic for sure! Many thanks. 🙂



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