The Lovelorn Peacock


Image by Henry McLin via Flickr

      In the summer of 1971, I moved from my hometown of Orlando down to Miami to help start an ashram there.  A friend and I were part of an organization that taught yoga, meditation, vegetarian diet and a lifestyle of disciplined, spiritual practice.  He had been dispatched from the main center in Orlando, some months prior, to start yoga classes down south and had showed up at my door one day to ask if I would move there and help him.  I thought to myself, sure, why not, it would be an adventure.

     He had rented a small house in Coconut Grove on shady, coconut tree-lined Kumquat Street and I took up residence in one of the tiny bedrooms when I arrived.  Right down the street was another communal compound of people making a home together in a large, two story house.

      It was a cool time to live in Miami.  There were neat little “head” shops, and many “hippie” type stores that sold candles, incense, clothing, books, etc. and some great health food stores and even restaurants that were completely vegetarian.  It was all new to me but I was in my element!

      Before long we had gatherings of like-minded people coming nightly for our yoga classes and life was humming along.

      Part of the charming quaintness of Coconut Grove was the community of peacocks that freely roamed the neighborhood streets.  You could hear their ear-piercing calls from blocks away but I never tired of spotting them walking down the road, perching in a tree, or up on someone’s roof.

      One male peacock in particular started frequenting the small, enclosed courtyard in front of our house.  Soon he started showing an unhealthy interest in me.  Whenever I would arrive or depart the house, and if he happened to be outside, he would approach me with his feathers spectacularly displayed and “shake” them.  This bird was courting me!  With his feathers held straight up, he was just about as tall as I was.  Whatever direction I took, he would get face-to-face with me and “shimmy”.  I became a bit intimidated by this…yikes!  He was extremely insistent, and I took to running past him to get in or out of the house.

      But after some time, I believe he finally realized that his love for me would remain unrequited and he moved on elsewhere to find a more suitable partner of the feathered variety.

This is a re-posting of one of my first blogs for Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Let’s Have Some Fun!:

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  1. We must be around the same age: the hippie spots, head shops, etc., of the late 60’s, early 70’s. (We had “the Ave” near the U. of W….) and the spiritual atmosphere of that time which is hopefully making a comeback – a raising of consciousness, hopefully to higher levels this time. But I digress… what a charming experience to be courted by a peacock! (Beautiful photo, btw…)


    • I’ll bet we are. That was the most exhilarating time of my life in so many ways. It would be great to have a resurgence of that energy again and have some consciousness raised!

      I never fail to get a smile with this story–I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

      Peace, sister!


  2. Tino

     /  October 17, 2011

    A peacock with the hots for a lady, brilliant, just brilliant.


  3. I think I remember this one, Gayle. A hoot of a tale. I love when you have humor in your writing. I like when you write stories, too. This was worth a second read. Nice take on Victoria’s prompt.
    Good one ..
    Izzy xoxo


    • Yes, I first wrote this for our memoir writing group–you were one of the first to read it. I thought it would be appropriate for the prompt and maybe bring a smile to some faces.

      Thanks, Izzy!

      Gayle xoxo


  4. Gives a new spin on the saying “as proud as a peacock” ! *giggles*
    I’m picturing the “shimmy” motion … great anecdote, Gayle.
    Thanks for sharing !


  5. OMG! This is so fun. You see how much you were in tune with nature. In many ways, charming. When I was growing up in So. Calif. there was a neighborhood not far away that was populated with peacocks. Marvelous creatures. Thanks for sharing this, Gayle.


    • So glad you like this, Victoria. I thought it would get some smiles. When I was growing up there was an old neighborhood next to an orange grove where peacocks roamed–my mother would drive us kids over there to see them. Then when I moved to Miami–there’s more peacocks. And my daughter and I shared an apartment once in Orlando near the old peacock neighborhood of my youth and there were more peacocks–remnants of those long ago years still wandering around. Peacock karma! 🙂


  6. Really interesting and good reading. Thanks.


  7. poor peacock. 🙂
    it must have been quite a fun to have such a dazzling admirer.


    • You read this one before. It was one of the first stories I posted on my blog–when you were my only visitor! 🙂

      I didn’t think it was fun at the time–that bird scared me. 😦


  8. Little know fact: peacocks are VERY good judges of character! 😉


  9. manicddaily

     /  October 17, 2011

    I’ve heard of men preening like peacocks to get a woman’s attention, but here’s a peacock preening like a peacock!


  10. You were being “peacocked”! Aw … he had good taste. Too bad you guys were incompatible — 🙂


  11. love this, the imagery of the peacock is beautiful,

    bless her/him.


  12. What a wonderful memory for you and very nicely expressed. Those were the days. Thanks for sharing.

    It makes me think of my post A Peacock with Roving Eyes:
    (Certainly the title would do for your encounter too!)

    Have you ever been to the Siddha Yoga Ashram in South Fallsburg, New York (south east of Syracuse)?


    • A funny memory and I agree, those were the days for sure.

      No, I haven’t been to that ashram but I’ve visited several different ashrams including some that were run by Krishna devotees. They served the best food!

      Now, let me go read your peacock story!


  13. Androgoth

     /  October 18, 2011

    This Peacock fellow seems a tad creepy to me Gayle, if that is a word that I can use on your Space in the non-ghoulish sense of the word, indeed his over enthusiastic advances would most certainly have been intimidating and somewhat unnerving too I would imagine? Of course in hindsight you can have a good giggle over it but at the time it must have felt as though he was stalking you…

    A Peacock and a Stalk / Stork, okay joking aside, you must have thrown a party when he gave up, probably a nice Yoga Party or a… Okay I am going before I say something too wicked 🙂 lol Have a lovely rest of evening now Gayle and watch out for any more of those pesky Peacocks 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


    • He was more than a “tad” creepy to me! (Yes, you sure can use the word “creepy”!) He really scared me and you’re right, it did feel “stalk-ish” of him.

      I always have one eye glancing about for wayward peacocks–imagine how that must look! 🙂


      • Androgoth

         /  October 20, 2011

        Yes or maybe apply one of those handy little Cattle-Prods into his nether regions, I think that would do the trick don’t you? 🙂 lol

        Yes I detest those creepos, they are…
        Well they just are

        Have a lovely Friday Gayle 🙂

        Androgoth XXx


        • Yes, sadly, they just are. True–a cattle-prodding in the nether regions would most likely take care of the problem. 😉

          I guess I’ll have to hit the local “Cattle ‘R Us” to buy one! hehehe…


  14. Peacocks are an odd lot of birds with their spectacular plumage. You must have simply ‘caught his eye’. I posted a piece on my site about a large house on acreage in CA that raise them and you can hear their cries when you go to Target and see them in the trees, all this right in the middle of the city. Better for you he had to find love elsewhere.


    • They are gorgeous birds and amazing to look at. I guess I must have caught his eye. 😦

      They seem to be able to adapt to cities–although I’ve seen them walking down the middle of the road before and have had to stop for them. I don’t think they’re all that smart!

      Thanks for sharing, Renee.


  15. Peacocks are such magnificent birds and we have some in a park/Abbey Gardens near where I live.. I enjoyed reading this Bodhirose and I have to say when they spread out their plumage and strut their stuff they are quite formidable.. so I empathise with your scurrying on past this attentive admirer..


  16. I do remember when you originally posted this, Gayle. I enjoyed it as much today as I did when I first read it. Thanks for posting it again.

    Jamie Dedes


  17. this is too funny, Gayle! i’ve never heard of a peacock being attracted to a human before. maybe their vision allows them to see our auras? i lived outside of Orlando for two years and we had pink flamingos everywhere. fortunately, none which were amorous. {smile}


  18. I had never heard of this before either! Very weird that he zeroed in on me–no one else–just me. I swear I never even winked at that bird! Hehehe…

    Aren’t flamingos beautiful? We really have some amazing wildlife here.

    Thanks for sharing here with me, Dani.


  19. What an interesting post. Peacocks are beautiful. We had a pair of them for a time in Toledo, Ohio. I lived fifteen years in Orlando, Florida, the City Beautiful. Blessings to you, Gayle…


  20. What a delightful read!! 😀 I left you a link to some pretty pics on another comment – now I see I should have posted them here. Ah well. This made me laugh. I know it scared you, but…I couldn’t help but laugh! You described it soooo well! I wish we had that kind of community around these parts, but unfortunately, we do not. :-/ Anyway, thanks very much for sharing this (tail?) tale! lol


    • Thank you! I saw those links with the photos of the beautiful, white peacock–so cool. Thanks for sharing them.

      This always gets a laugh from people and I can appreciate the humor in it now, of course. But, no, it was not funny while I was going through it–dumb ole bird! Lol!


  21. 😀 The kind of story some wouldn’t believe. But the truth is often stranger than fiction!


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