Gardening Jobs

With jobs at hand

The need arises

To start out early

In the garden

Pulling weeds

Clearing brush

Taming nature’s


Taking care

To trim just so

Helping flowers’

Continuing bud

Scrubbing bird baths

Filling them fresh

A service I love

For my garden friends

Replenishing feeders

With seeds aplenty

Also benefits

Our yard’s overhaul



Shaping shrubs



Lopping off limbs

Cut back’s needed

To control the advance

After winter’s

Harsh decline

The garden’s thriving

In summer’s clime

Monday Morning Writing Prompt:   Gardening

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  1. If I had a garden, I’d know who to call. Whew. Went into a Sweat just reading it. lol


  2. Oh this was delightful! Yes, it’s so important to start early, especially when the days hit 95+ and high humidity! I’ve been tending to my flowerbeds and yard, too. Already have a huge pile of brush and lopped limbs to burn. It is a LOT of work, as your poem clearly indicates…but SO worth it! 🙂


    • I agree–SO worth it. It feeds my soul!

      The temperatures have been well into the 90s here and Florida has high, very high humidity–makes it tough to want to be outside at all. 😦


  3. I just loved this…spent part of my morning doing some of that. It seems I always find refreshment and poetry in the garden…although it can be tough work at times. Thanks for joining, Gayle.


    • Yes, it can be tough work–I have to be careful of my back! But it’s so rewarding to me. Thank you, Victoria. I enjoyed your haiku too. Those lacy, “skeletal” leaves are so beautiful.


  4. jgavinallan

     /  June 20, 2011

    I would love to do that. There is a little garden out back. Problem is…I’ve been told not to do anything unless there is adult supervision–little clumsy—lol


    • I think you should go out there with your landlady some time and let her teach you a few things. You might really enjoy helping back there. But you do have to know the difference between a weed and a treasured plant!

      Gayle xoxo


  5. I love gardening. I called my plants/trees collectively “The Children”. 🙂

    Summer’s clime this year is extremely hot, and the children are well watered.


  6. relishing time out in sun? well i can guess how you feel, we feel the same during winters.


    • No, not relishing the blazing, hot sun. Our chance of rain goes up today and tomorrow so hopefully we will get a bit of relief. It really helps when the rains come.


      • its already hot there? we are having a pleasant weather for time being. phew! it was a bit hot today though 😦

        hope rains will start again.


        • I’m glad you’re getting some pleasant temperatures. Not here! Our days have been around 95 degrees F (35C). I looked it up on a temp converter site for celsius. Very hot with very high humidity. The first day of our summer started two days ago but our hot temperatures started well before that date.

          I hope those rains come too.


  7. 35 degree cel is quite sufferable as per our charts. if its the highest temp.

    rains have stopped and grilling have started but its not as unsufferable as earlier because the humidity is back in the air. phew! i never knew that life will become unbearable without that.


    • Our temperatures will go a bit higher than that too. This week we’re supposed to have quite a bit of rain coming our way. I sure hope so. It really helps cool things down.

      We do use our air-conditioning every day to survive the heat. We didn’t have it in our house when I was growing up–now I look back and wonder how I managed without it. 🙂


      • well we dont have airconditioning and i really appreciate that. i have used air coolers three times in my life, as a child we had air coolers, then in delhi and rajasthan- i hate that sticky feeling it leaves behind.

        i would prefer not using it.


        • Our air conditioners do not leave any sticky feeling. We have a very nice dry feeling when we use it. Humidity is lower and more comfortable using our air conditioner.

          I am no longer accustomed to the heat–especially sleeping in it. 😦



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