Don’t speak up

and see what transpires

when you don’t add your voice

to atrocities seen.


Don’t speak out

when outraged and incensed,

then the outrage will be

that your silence was kept.


Prisoners of conscience

don’t have a say,

their rights have been taken

and many enslaved.


There’s many held captive,

tortured and raped–

stand up against these injustices

before it’s too late.


Our lives are filled

with everyday scenes

where societies are crumbling

but we won’t hear the screams.


Too many turn a blind eye

and ears deafened by choice,

what a shame, what a tragedy–

where is our strong voice?


People worldwide are needlessly dying,

by the tainted hands of corruption.

We can stop it; we can help

through all of us uniting.


Speak out, join forces

with all others who care

and write letters of protest

opposing all who ensnare.


Open your eyes, don’t look away–

your compassion is desperately needed.

So unlock your heart and don’t delay,

join Amnesty International before the end of this day.

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  1. Stopped by to see your 160 and read this on the way. Very powerful. Makes me think of the whole concept of “sins of omission.” Sometimes the words we don’t speak are just little things we let slip. It take a lot of learning to know when to speak and when to let things go. Thought-provoking.


  2. I’m glad you read this and commented, Victoria. It is something that each of us has to think about during our lives–and you’re right, it’s similar to the “sins of omission” that you mentioned. Perhaps it’s a “sin” of apathy.

    I appreciate you coming by.

    Gayle xoxo


  3. very true words gayle. if we dont speak up for others, those who desperately need our help, then no one will be there when those tormentors will inevitably come for us.

    lots of love.


  4. All it takes for something like this to happen is for the people to not resist. It is atrocity to mankind… that these things can and do happen. People talk about world peace but what is not realized is that… if there is fighting often one side is just standing up for its self against the pure evil that would control it. Such a strong topic and cause…You have a big heart and a great gift of giving. May you take this road without your heart ever hardening. Peace be with you.


    • I so appreciate your words of support for this very serious issue. And I agree with what you said about how many have to defend themselves against those who would try to overtake or control them–it’s rough out there.

      Thanks for reading and commenting and thank you for your kind compliment.



  5. i adore this piece of work


  6. wow,
    breath taking.


  7. G. K. Asante

     /  November 4, 2010

    Very strong piece, with things we really need to take into stock.


  8. complicity by silence…


  9. I like the idea behind this blog. I vote for speaking up too. I mean, we should all voice out our passions and concerns in life in order to make the world a better place


    • That’s the only way we’ll be able to change things for the better. Thanks so much for your comment and visit here.

      Gayle xoxo


  10. Thanks a lot for the beautiful entry,
    Happy Rally.

    it is your 3rd or 4th time?
    you may wish to visit half a dozen fresh poets to explore,
    then do a doze participants, returning favors are extra.

    I always enjoyed your quality participation, have fun,


    • You’re welcome, Jingle.

      I believe it’s my 3rd time to the Thursday Rally. I always enjoy exploring other’s work. Thank you for your nice welcome to me.

      Gayle xoxo


  11. Powerfully written!! Wow, great job!


  12. powerful words.. truer words may not have been written! hits deep, Bodhi!

    My Rally Week 32 Entry


  13. Powerful conscience..has words that penetrate deep enough


  14. voices.
    silence usurped.
    thx for the poem.


  15. Well-done and worthy post. We must address these issues. Thank you for doing so.

    May I re-blog. All links and credit as appropriate. Let me know. Deserves as wide an audience as we can get it.

    Maybe you will consider submiting it to Poets Agains War???!!!!


    • It’s the least I can do, Jamie. I’m honored that you would want to re-blog this–please use it however you see fit. I have never heard of Poets Against War. I guess I’ll go visit.. Thanks, Jamie, for your support.


    • Jamie, just came back from visiting PAW. They are closed for further submissions at this time. It appears they are going through some changes as to how they wish to continue their forum. I read your two very good posts that had been accepted. Wonderfully touching.


  16. I know there’s a lot going on and also financial challenges. I have high regard for Sam Harris and other poets who started this. Well just have to watch the site and meanwhile add our own seeds of change to the mix … as you have done here. Wonderful. I’m honored to have your agreement to reblog. Thank you so much.


    • I feel very strongly about people uniting–just to put your name to a petition can do so much to bring about change. Little things we can do that can make an incredible difference to someone else.

      I’m happy you wanted to join with me, Jamie, and help spread the word! Thank you!

      And you’re welcome. xoxo


  17. What a poem, what a blog.. I don’t have words to describe both..

    Three Knots

    Happy Rally !

    –Someone Is Special–


  18. A great verse and impassioned call to work out ways and means to stop this on going various wars.. I liked it . thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay


  19. It’s often hard to mix poetry and the hard truths of this world without coming off preachy or stiff, but this was very effective and simple, stating unavoidable facts that people would rather not think about plainly but without self-righteousness .That just makes it more effective.


    • I really appreciate you saying that, Hedgewitch. I would rather inspire than be preachy. Thank you for your visit and commenting.


  20. Very, very true. More people need to write about these problems. Amnesty International is fantastic, but they need help from all of us. Thank you for writing this.


    • You’re so right, Morganna, they do need help from all of us. It really doesn’t take that much effort to band together and make a difference. Thanks for reading it and your support.


  21. While I was reading your piece, I thought of my country. That’s exactly what’s happening here. It’s the reason why our politicians steal right in front of our eyes, why the powerful family responsible for the killing of more than 50 people haven’t paid for their crimes, why children are forced to beg on the streets, why husbands get to physically abuse their wives with impunity…the list goes on. People are passive, and nobody wants to speak up, because they’re lazy, apathetic, or just plain scared.


    • Thanks for sharing these very personal thoughts on your own country’s situation. I appreciate your visit.

      To me, none of us should feel at peace as long as anyone else on this planet is suffering because of the actions of another. Through banding together with groups like Amnesty International, we can really bring about a difference. Many times, the wrong doers count on people looking the other way and not speaking up.

      Let’s shine the spotlight on them!


  22. Words from the soul – words that burn meaning into hearts.

    many thanks!


  23. Nice post!

    I was never aware that those who were prisioners of concience were all that, I mean without rights.


  24. that’s also what is happening to my country.
    powerful people are not afraid to steal even right in front of people’s eyes.
    they have each other to back them up in case one gets caught.
    I hope everything will be fixed soon because my people are suffering.

    There’s still hope.

    Thanks for sharing this Gayle,



    • There’s way too many countries that are suffering from the hands of thugs. And all those thugs have people that will protect them from being held responsible. I’m sorry that your country is one of them.

      There is still hope for sure, B. Thanks for coming by and commenting today.

      Gayle xoxo


  25. Wow…really good… 🙂


  26. a very timely poem… well expressed theme and very emotive. motivated me as the reader to want to be a part of the solution, get involved, speak up! good job!


  27. I feel incredibly sad and helpless about North Korea, wishing something more can be done. Thank you for giving voice to the voiceless, lending power to the powerless. It’s a wake-up call to apathy and indifference… speaking to the core of our collective conscience for justice and freedom.


    • I’m so sorry for your sadness and feelings of helplessness, Lahn–unfortunately you’re not alone. Look at the other people who commented to me here and expressed similar feelings about the conditions in their countries. It’s very, very sad. I will do what little bit I can though to add my voice with others to voice my concern and hopefully we can get some changes made.

      It’s the least I can do. xoxo

      Thanks for coming by.


  28. That’s Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that
    come true.


  29. Well, you know I just loved this one! Wonderful …


  30. No wonder is your favorite, very powerful and the message is great!


  31. Please check your e-mail!


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