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My first guide was Mother, who taught me to pray

then I learned about Jesus and the Christian way.

Years later, I discovered Yogananda and his

teachings of grace,

and many more mystical sages and saints.

I embraced Mahavatar Babaji, the Kriya guru,

who magically maintained his countenance of

about age twenty-two.

I’ve studied the Sikhs and their legacy of writings,

that I’ve read and reread and found so inspiring.

Yogi Bhajan was my teacher who taught me yoga, meditation and service

and doing right by our brothers by putting them before us.

I learned about Lakshmi, Saraswati, Sita and Rama,

Ganesha, Hanuman, Kali and Shakti–

these Hindu deities are always with me.

And now added to that are the Buddha’s forms–

there’s Mother Kwan Yin, bodhisattva of compassion,

who touches my heart deeply, never to be forgotten.

There’s Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron, the Dalai Lama

all whose inspirations help balance my karma.

I feel these guides near me,

encircling me with love,

supporting me when needed,

always enriching my soul.

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  1. beautiful story Bodhirose as this is a positive influence on your life as well..enjoy as always(+)
    soulbro* 🙂 xo—{–@


  2. you have a very noble soul that holds every thing beautiful and holy. Loved that beautiful journey through your spiritual self.


    • You are the kindest to say those nice words about me, Trisha dear.

      I truly do hold all those teachers dear to me–they are an important part of my life.


  3. swami yogananda’s face is so glowing with inner light, is not it? his eyes are truly beautiful.

    We come across people who change the course of our life’s path, like you all in intent have done. Before you guys it was Rabindranath (Tagore).


    • Yogananda’s face is very serene and glowing with his Christ consciousness. His eyes are full of love and acceptance–I wish that I had been able to know him.

      God brought Intent to us to uplift our spirits–and introduced so many wonderful people to us both. A true blessing.

      That wonderful poet, novelist, artist is a great inspiration to so many.


  4. You described his face perfectly. What a beautiful face he had.

    Bengalis are crazy about Tagore 🙂

    lots of love.


    • Thanks Trisha. To me his face is a perfect reflection of his heart. He was so sweet and loving–a beautiful teacher. My oldest brother worked at Yogananda’s temple in Encinatas for years when he was a young man–the one he had built when he was still alive. My brother remains a devotee of Yogananda and his teachings to this day.

      Many people worldwide are crazy for Tagore. 🙂


  5. Amen. You’re poem is as adventurous, supportive, and celebratory as the inspiring exploration. Thank you, Gayle! Fabulous.


    • I’m glad you could get a taste of my spiritual journey through this poem, Jamie. It’s been some amazing trip! Thank you…


  6. Lucky, and i can’t get a better adjective. A very few in this world get to this level of awareness, and for you to embrace such a powerful culture, you’ve taken this beyond.
    one step closer to “moksha” eh? 😛

    hmm, if you do get time…


  7. I am most fortunate to have the small glimmer of awareness that I do–the journey continues. Moksha would be most welcomed–freedom from this life and death cycle.

    Thanks for your visit today–please come again. 🙂

    I’ll be right over…

    Gayle oxox


  8. Hi Gayle,

    I found you through Jamie, love your journey story here. You worded it so beautifully.


  9. So was Swami Yogananda behind our stumbling upon each other..?

    Had my mom been alive.. she would have shuddered with both Joy and fear.. She had not let me read the Autobiography when I was 7.. She did read the stories out to me.. Only once I had flipped through the pages under her strict watching over..

    I had then one day picked up a newspaper with Babaji’s image and brought home. That newspaper was wrapped up on a chart roll as a cover! Mom was shocked since I had seen his image only twice till then..!! She always thought that I would renounce the world reading the book..I got to read the book myself 2wice later.. That was during my testing phase.. LOLsss I still don’t have that book. Each time that book goes off to someone else.. I have however all the other books written by him in my book shelf!!

    How beautifully you have written the summary of that book here in few words.. Unbelievable..!!

    That I am compiling my biography and that I have a very different way of seeing things and analyzing them is all because of his writes.. That I am spirituality inclined and my intuitions rules is all upto him.. I wish to be remembered like he is being- awakened, enlightened..!!

    Thank you Gayle.. you just did it!! I am blessed..

    Loads of Love and wishes xx


    • You may be right, Olivia. I seem to attract many people who read my writings and have a very similar spiritual leaning. I first read “Autobiography of a Yogi” while a teenager and had a very vivid and profound spiritual awakening around the same time. I look at Yogananda ji as one of my first spiritual teachers. When I read his books and others, it was as if I was being reminded of knowledge that I had always known. And his stories of Babaji completely captivated me–the deathless saint! His words resonated so strongly within me. Still, to this day, I get a feeling of loving energy when I think of him. I have some of his other writings as well.

      Interesting how your copy seems to have left you–but I know how you feel about wanting to share his beautiful story. In a way, I did renounce the world (for a time) after my awakening, as I spent about eight years in a yoga ashram in an intensive lifestyle of sadhana and spiritual discipline. (Much to the dismay of my Christian mother). I still feel more like Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist all rolled into one–and more “Indian” than American. I embrace many teachings.

      I would like to write and share my story one day too. I wish you great success in your life, Olivia. I’m so happy that we have “stumbled” upon one another!

      I am blessed too… much love xoxo


      • You just wrote my mind here- I haven’t really renounced the world yet since I don’t wish to comeback again to fulfill the unfinished Karmas like Lahiri Mahashaya had to again!!
        But really, I have hardly anything around me.. My friends (read: longtime, childhood ones) have taken me for a recluse.. Infact, I had turned into one.. Just that’s when I was reminded of both Lahiri Mahashaya and this- Swami Yogananda said, in today’s time, one should devote all his acts in service towards Him since renouncing really isn’t very practical.. that way, he would serve Him and also complete his Karmic cycle.. I am doing just that..!!

        I have already felt a few things that I have put on my Blog-

        I wouldn’t say I am the most noble one- but try to follow those “never lie, never hurt”- philosophies.. I would now write about those- reading you words, I am getting a push.. 🙂

        I will be very happy reading your travel through Awakening.. why not? Isn’t that why we lead our Life.. to achieve the next level.. alas!! the “normal” people call me crazy.. so be it 😀

        I too can not conform to a single religion- just can not..!! I believe, we have already graduated from being a mere mortal- why else we would be discussing this on a Blog where we write poetries and other Life” struggle related things..?

        Gayle, I am so happy to read that this Yogi’s write is creating miracles out of no where- I mean think of it- my mom had warned me against reading his writes- it was forbidden.. 7 months of blogging and I am again discussing him.. Like a forlorn lover, Yogi keeps coming back to me to remind my ultimate goal.. I am already called Mataji (the divine mother)- LOLsss but seriously, it’s about time that I open my wings and fly.. I guess I am already carried away..

        Wishing you loads of success Dear.. I’ll be around- we were so meant to be.. 🙂

        Loads of Love and wishes xoxox


  10. There’s no way to deny what you hold within yourself as spiritual knowledge and longing for that ultimate reward of freedom–nor should we want to. So here again the thoughts of Yogananda are coming to the forefront of your consciousness. You know the path you want to take and your heart is leading you there.

    “Normal” people would probably call me crazy too–but I don’t want to be “normal”! Even though I had lived in an ashram environment, the group I associated with were very much involved in community work and endeavors. We owned companies, held jobs and had families but we were very dedicated to our spiritual lives and practice. Much like Yogananda–he came to America and started a large center, taught Kriya yoga and ran the business of giving speeches to thousands of people that he attracted and administering to so many–but certainly maintained his inner work.

    I commend you for the life you have chosen and are committed to. I find myself in a similar situation. I don’t seem to gravitate to cultivating friendships and desiring people around me just to fill up my time. My very spiritually minded brothers and sisters are my best friends and give me a lot of support. I have a couple of other friends who I can discuss my “true self” with–and these are the most rewarding. I don’t go out much or mingle with others either. Maybe this is the normal progression of people like you and I, where you get to a point of no longer having that desire.

    I am so happy for you, Olivia, and admire your fortitude of character. I’m happy that I have given you some inspiration too. I will be writing more about what has inspired me as well. I will check out your blog–thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Much love and peace… xoxo


  11. Informative post…thanks for sharing this.


  12. fabulous. I feel that way about mine myself.
    beautiful and full of truth.


  13. beautifully written, what a wonderful piece of warmth :)~


  14. awesome.


  15. A sweet tribute to many religious figures.


  16. One can see that the “meditation “prompt has brought out a lot more than just a few rhymes strung together. “Bhavathu sarva mangalam” 🙂


  17. This is wonderful I have many Pema Chodron books. Have you studied any Taoist philosophy?


    • So happy you enjoyed my tribute to so many wonderful teachers. I have a well-worn copy of the “Tao te Ching” which I have read and re-read–that is as much as I have studied this philosophy. I love that book…



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